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Meet The 80-year-old Man With 12 Wives And Over 100 Children

A farmer at a small community in Eastern Ghana is planning on make it to the Guinness World Book of Records as arguably, the youngest man with 12 wives and over one hundred children, and still exploring for more women. Eighty-year-old Togbui Kofi Asilenu lives in Amakrom in the Eastern …

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Photos: See The Man Who’s Happy His Girlfriend Sleeps With 5 Men Every Day As A Prostitute

A man has said he approves his girlfriend and woman he is about to marry to be doing her work as a prostitute and sleeping with as many men as possible. A 48-year-old civil servant Andrew Hamer, 48 has revealed he doesn’t mind that his wife-to-be he first met as …

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Attention-seeking Young Man Pose Inside a Casket

Most people believe that sleeping in a casket is an abomination, and others believe that there are fetish reasons why people do so, but a weird man has taken things too far after he shared photo of himself posing in a casket. The above photo of an attention-seeking unidentified man …

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Meet the Man who sets new world record by sleeping with 57 women in 24 hours

According to HeraldEurope, a 34-year old man from Singapore has broken a long-standing world record by successfully having intercourse with 57 different women within a 24 hour period. The record was set in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, as part of an annual event run by a local …

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Video: Drama as Man Gets Stuck With Sister-in-law After Marathon Sex

Residents of Nakuru’s Tanners in kenya have again caught a 55-year-old man stuck in bed while having sex with his sister-in-law at a hotel in the town. According to Nairobi News, the father of five had left his home in Kisii supposedly on a trip to Mombasa to purchase a …

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Sorcerer Kidnaps, Sacrifices 6-month-old Baby, Says ‘You Must Kill One To Get One’

A six-month-old baby was allegedly kidnapped and ritually murdered by a sorcerer who promised a man the gruesome sacrifice would grant him a child. The young girl was stolen from her parents’ home in Jharkhand, eastern India, as they slept with the door open to counteract the blazing heat. Two …

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