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Swahili recognized by Twitter as the first African language in history.

Most African languages for the past decade and over of social media platform Twitter’s existence have been referred to as Indonesian in terms of translation. That has changed with Twitter’s official recognition of Swahili as a language. It became the first African language to achieve that accomplishment. Swahili is however …

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World Cup bid: Trump supports N. America. Against Morocco.

United States president Donald Trump on Thursday tweeted his support for the North American bid for the 2026 soccer World Cup and issued a veiled threat to nations that might oppose it. Morocco is the only rival to a joint bid to stage the event from the United States, Canada …

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Black Panther is ‘most Tweeted-about movie of all time’ – Twitter

Social media giants, Twitter, have confirmed that the Africa-themed Superhero movie, Black Panther, is the most Tweeted-about movie of all time. FOLLOW US ON:  INSTAGRAM, LINKEDIN, YOUTUBE, TWITTER & FACEBOOK According to Twitter in a post on Tuesday, March 20, 2018; Black Panther had grossed 35 million tweets, suggesting that ‘fans can’t get enough of …

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Zimbabwe president

OUR politics is entering uncharted territory. In one day, a Presidential candidate wishes his putative opponent good luck in the coming elections and hopes that the campaign will be peaceful, and another unleashes his supporters on his political opponents resulting in several smashed heads and a number of people needing …

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An influential Ethiopian political activist has had his Facebook account temporarily blocked over what could best be described as hyperactivity. But the social media giant’s official decision to block Jawar Mohammed despite using a verified profile was: “It looks like you were misusing this feature by going too fast.” According …

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Twitter sues US over anti-Trump account

Twitter is suing the US government after it demanded it reveal the identity of an anti-Trump account. The @ALT_USCIS profile was an anonymous profile account criticising President Trump’s immigration policy. The account claimed it was being run by federal employees at the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. Twitter has …

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