Sunday , February 18 2018
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How (and Why) to Get More Chlorophyll in Your Diet

We’re often told to eat our greens, but why are they so important? One reason is they actually provide us with energy converted directly from the sun. HOW DOES IT WORK? Plants, algae, and certain bacteria are able to convert sunlight into sugars they can use for energy through the …

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5 Ways on How to Support the Environment from Your Computer

The environment needs our individual and collective help more than ever. Hurricanes, flooding, raging forest fires, unprecedented droughts, threatened national monuments, declining species, crazy temperature fluctuations; climate change is quickening its destructive pace and we have a federal government that is unwilling to lift a finger to do anything about …

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Sleep is about forgetting some memories and keeping others, studies suggest

The purpose of sleep appears to be to help forget some memories so others can be stored for later use, two major new studies suggest. For years scientists have struggled to work out exactly why humans need to sleep for about a third of every day. The new research adds …

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