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Girl Develops Underwear With Lock And GPS Alert To Prevent Rape

This is new. An Indian girl has developed what she claims are rape-proof underwear featuring a lock, a GPS alert for police and a video camera to record an attacker’s face.  Seenu Kumari, who was born into a poor family in Farrukhabad, Uttar Pradesh, spent less than £50 in creating …

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See the 13-year-old boy who bleeds from his eyes, ears, mouth and hairline up to 10 times daily

An Indian teenager who has been crying blood since he was just 10-years-old has been nicknamed the ‘stigmata boy’. A mysterious medical condition means that Akhilesh Raghuvanshi, now 13, bleeds from his ears, eyes, mouth, legs and his hairline up to ten times a day. Akhilesh’s painful condition, which sees …

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At least 14 people killed and 21 injured after fire broke out at a restaurant in India

According to Mumbai police, at least 14 people were killed after a fire broke out at a Mumbai rooftop restaurant early this morning. The fire started at around 12:22 a.m. local time at the fifth-floor restaurant in Kamala Mills, according to Mumbai police spokesperson Deepak Deoraj. The compound houses eateries …

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Photos: Meet the Indian barber who cuts men’s hair by setting it on fire

This Indian barber cuts men’s hair by setting it on fire. Footage from inside his salon shows the maverick barber pouring a flammable powder and liquid over his customer’s head before holding a lighter up against his locks, which promptly catch alight. While the customer’s head is still ablaze, the …

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Photo: 22 doctors separate Nigerian conjoined twins in India.

Nigerian conjoined twins delivered at a Lagos hospital on the 8th of May 2017, have undergone a successful surgery in Bangalore, India, according to reports. Obinna and Amarachi Ugwuoke, who already had two children, were shocked on seeing their twin babies, James and John, shortly after delivery. They’re fused at …

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Indian woman demands DNA test after she was shunned as she was born with ginger hair and freckles.

With her ginger hair, deep emerald eyes and white skin you’d been forgiven for thinking Pooja Ganatra was more likely to be from Ireland than India. But the 24-year-old was actually born in Mumbai to “typically Indian” parents and is now demanding a DNA test to find out where her unusual …

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