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Celebratory gunfire kills groom at a wedding in India

Indian police on Tuesday arrested a man accused of killing a bridegroom when he marked his friend’s wedding with gunfire, the latest in a grim series of marriage celebrations gone wrong. A video of Sunil Verma, 25, being hit in the chest late Sunday as he performed Hindu wedding rituals …

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India woke up to the shocking news of Sridevi’s untimely death on Sunday. The Bollywood actor passed away late on Saturday after a cardiac arrest, as confirmed by her brother-in-law Sanjay Kapoor. She was 54. According to Sanjay, he was in Dubai when he heard the news. He stated that …

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Indian State Offers Free Breast Implants To Poor Women

Poor women in a southern Indian state have been offered free breast surgeries, including implants, for both aesthetic or medical reasons. The Tamil Nadu state government launched the new scheme last week at a state-run clinic in its capital Chennai, with priority given to the poorest women there.  Authorities have …

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Meet the villager dubbed ‘snake man’.

An Indian man is suffering from erythroderma, an excruciating skin condition that has left his skin cracked and black, and causes it to shed every 10 days. According to reports, Om Prakash, 35, dubbed ‘snake man’ is unable to walk because when he moves his skin cracks and he bleeds …

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At least 14 people killed and 21 injured after fire broke out at a restaurant in India

According to Mumbai police, at least 14 people were killed after a fire broke out at a Mumbai rooftop restaurant early this morning. The fire started at around 12:22 a.m. local time at the fifth-floor restaurant in Kamala Mills, according to Mumbai police spokesperson Deepak Deoraj. The compound houses eateries …

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Photos: Meet the Indian barber who cuts men’s hair by setting it on fire

This Indian barber cuts men’s hair by setting it on fire. Footage from inside his salon shows the maverick barber pouring a flammable powder and liquid over his customer’s head before holding a lighter up against his locks, which promptly catch alight. While the customer’s head is still ablaze, the …

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