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Unlicensed Ebola vaccination campaign begins in DR Congo.

Ebola vaccines are set to be administered to people in the Democratic Republic of Congo starting today. The World Health Organization (WHO) imported thousands of doses into the country last week. Even though the vaccine has yet to be licensed, the DRC government gave WHO the go-ahead to administer it in a bid to …

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What causes the heart to skip a beat?

When heartbeats suddenly become more noticeable, they are called heart palpitations. Sometimes they can feel as though the heart has skipped a beat. Palpitations can also feel like the heart is pounding, fluttering, or beating irregularly. A person may experience these sensations in the throat or the neck. They can …

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The relationship between the heart and exercise.

A recent study published in Nature Communications identifies a link between exercise and the heart’s ability to regenerate new muscle cells under normal conditions and after a heart attack. The research, which was conducted on groups of mice, could have dramatic implications for “public health, physical education, and the rehabilitation of cardiac …

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Can marijuana help treat asthma?

Changes in marijuana laws and the increased use of medicinal marijuana have led to questions about what conditions it can be used to treat. Many people wonder whether marijuana can affect or treat asthma. Asthma is a chronic lung disease that occurs when the airways in the chest get narrower or …

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Zimbabwe MPs push for reform over unsafe abortions.

When her 15-year-old daughter fell pregnant last year, Irene Ndlovu secretly arranged for an abortion before the pregnancy became visible so that she could continue with her education. Abortions are only allowed in Zimbabwe if a woman’s life is in danger, if there is a risk that the child will …

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18 Safe Home Remedies To Treat Clogged Ears


Do you feel a sudden sensation in your ear? Or, does it seem like someone has stuffed your ears with a lot of cotton balls? A clogged ear is a very common health problem. It also affects hearing abilities. There can be various reasons that your ears get plugged, like …

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