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10 Natural Ways to Alleviate Autumn Allergies

Autumn is here in all its multi-color spendor. For many people it is a time of apple and pumpkin picking, fall fairs and other fall delights, but for allergy sufferers, particularly those suffering from ragweed and other weed allergies, it is a time of sinus congestion, fatigue, asthma and other …

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12 Ways to Re-boot Your Liver

The liver is a remarkable, adaptable, and particularly resilient organ. We hammer it with not-so-healthy foods, medications, and lifestyle choices but it continues to chug along, processing everything we eat and drink, synthesizing proteins and fats, and filtering out toxins and waste while passing along nutrients that we need. Because …

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3 Powerful Health Properties of Pomegranate!

The pomegranate is a very delicious fruit that everyone likes. Aside the fact that it tastes great it also offers a wide range of health properties, and because of that make sure to have it in your diet regularly. This fruit contains powerful antiviral, antitumor, and anti-oxidant properties. Furthermore, it …

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Thyroid-Boosting Juice Anyone With Inflammation or Hormone Imbalance Should Drink Once per Week

The thyroid gland is perhaps the most important gland in the body which provides proper function of the entire body. Physically is similar to the shape of a butterfly located at the front base of your neck. This gland regulates the metabolism and it takes vital role in the following …

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South Sudan opens first kidney hospital

President Salva Kiir opened South Sudan’s first-ever kidney hospital Thursday in Juba, calling it a breakthrough for the country’s medical care. The facility — a welcome positive sign in conflict-torn South Sudan — is to provide free services to all kidney patients in the country, including foreigners who have been …

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Lovers of Pumpkin! Here are 10 Pumpkin Recipes and How

What is it about changing leaves and blustery days that makes you crave pumpkin? It’s more than just a seasonal food—it’s one of those quintessential tastes of fall—like apples and mulling spices—that just feels right on a chilly day. Check out some favorite fall pumpkin recipes, and feel free to share …

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