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Worms can Invade your brain from Eating this Common Food

If you consume this common food your brain could be invaded by worms. This food once you consume it the worms could move through the body, but mainly they invade the brain. This is considered to be the classic parasite which is very dangerous and harmful. According to Dr. EffrossyniGkrania-Klotsas, …

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Natural Ingredients that regenerate bones, improve vision and memory

Nature has offered us many foods which are incredibly beneficial for our bodies due to their amazing properties and because of that they are also known as “super foods”. These super foods can treat numerous ailments and diseases due to their remarkable qualities. The here below foods will enhance your …

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Here is Why You Should Never Eat These Leftovers, They Can Harm Your Health

After huge meal we all pack the leftovers and use them for the next day. They are practical and still tasty when reheated. However, we need to avoid this habit when certain foods are concerned as some of them may harm our health at least that is what experts claim. …

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Somalia: Egypt sends food and medical aid to drought

The Egyptian Army has transported a cargo-plane filled with food and medical aid to Somalia in an effort to support the drought-stricken country from starvation. President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi directed the delivery of aid which was facilitated by the army, state news agency reported. The amount of food and medical aid …

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12 Things That Happen To Your Body When You Eat Eggs

Eggs are very important for your body as they offer many nutrients valuable for the overall health of the body; this is confirmed by numerous nutritionists. Therefore, include more eggs to your menu. They are packed with nutrients, and most of them are not included in the Standard American diet. …

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Ghana seeking to become food basket of Africa

Ghana’s new agriculture policy to be launched next month will seek to make the country Africa’s food basket, Minister of Food and Agriculture Afriyie Osei Akoto disclosed. “The program is expected to cost about 560 million Ghana cedis, which is something like 120 million dollars, and is expected to generate …

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