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Lady Gets Her Thigh Stuck In A Drain Cover While Playing With Her Phone On The Street

A woman got her leg completely stuck in a drain cover after taking a wrong step while playing with her phone. The Chinese woman, reportedly to be 20 years old, fell into a gap between two metal bars and got her thigh trapped in Chinese city last Friday. Two passersby …

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Video: Drunk man gets giant eel removed from his BUM as doctors carry out stomach-churning operation

This is the stomach-churning moment doctors had to remove a giant eel from a drunk man’s BUM. Surgeons had no idea how exactly the snake-like fish got there – as the patient refused to reveal how it came to be lodged in his anus. It had squirmed into his body …

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Mum vows to keep looking after her ‘toddler’ son, 30, who can’t walk or talk.

A 30-year-old man has been left looking like a toddler and is unable to talk, walk or take care of himself due to a mysterious disease. Doctors told Wang Tianfang’s mum he would never live to 30 because of the rare illness which has left local doctors in China’s Yuexi County …

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Car Salesman Got His Head Stuck While Demonstrating Vehicle’s Safety Function. (Photos)

This is really awkward. A car salesman has an unfortunate incident while trying to impress prospective clients. The salesman’s head got stuck while demonstrating a vehicle’s safety function. According to reports, the Chinese salesman offered to put his head in front of a closing door to show it had good …

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  A new born baby with 31 fingers and toes but no thumbs on either palm, is set to undergone the first of three surgical operations to correct his rare birth abnormalities. An 8-month-old Chinese baby nicknamed Yuanyuan, who was born with 15 fingers and 16 toes (31 digits in …

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So Sad! 14-year-old Model Slumps and Dies After 13-Hour Gruelling Fashion Show

A 14-year-old Russian model collapsed after working herself to death during a three-month assignment in China. Vlada Dzyuba was found to be suffering from ‘utter exhaustion’ and chronic meningitis following a gruelling 13-hour Asian fashion show in Shanghai. The teen collapsed and fell into a coma moments before she was …

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