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5 Diet Changes to Get Rid of Sour Body Odor

Body odor affects everyone at some point, but if it is a constant or reoccurring problem, it can be frustrating and embarrassing. Sometimes deodorant, breathable clothing, and a daily shower are not enough to combat strong body odor. Dietary changes are also important to regain a sense of freshness. Eat …

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How to Tell Someone They Have Body Odor

Spending time around someone with body odor is definitely disagreeable. Deciding to tell someone there’s a problem is positively cringe-inducing. Unpleasant body odor can sometimes be caused by stress, medications, diet or medical conditions [source: Andersen]. So if you have the courage to bring up the topic, don’t be judgmental. …

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Africa, a continent seeing a digital boom

This is a reality. During the last few months, we have heard more about Africa’s issues in the media rather than its vast potential. However, the continent in general is silently moving forward with a genuine transformation. Africa is accelerating at a pace that will continue to shake us up, …

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‘Goat Yoga’ Has People Flocking To New Hampshire Farm

Eight people dressed in bright-colored athletic tops and soft pants sat on foam mats and stretched until five tiny Nigerian Dwarf goats, the size of small dogs, pranced into the studio and their goat yoga class began. Tucked away in a wooded corner of southern New Hampshire, Jenness Farm is …

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8 Lies I Tell My Husband (That Actually Make Our Marriage Stronger) -LMAO

By Lucy Clarke Little white lies wives tell their husbands, and lies in marriages, are part of life. It’s something we’d do well to embrace. The truth can be a very harsh thing indeed sometimes. I find that, with my husband, it’s often kindest to keep my lips sealed. So …

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WHO spends more on travels than on AIDS, TB, malaria combined: Report

The World Health Organisation (WHO) is splashing money on travel far more than it does on three crucial diseases that it continues to fight. The combined financial commitments it made to AIDS, TB and malaria in 2016 stood at $191m, $71, $61 and $59m respectively. Yet, the WHO – which …

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