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Alcohol ‘more damaging to brain health than marijuana’.

Marijuana legalization on the rise, an increasing number of studies are exploring the drug’s potential harms and benefits. However, a new study suggests that when it comes to brain health, alcohol is more damaging. FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA  INSTAGRAM, LINKEDIN, YOUTUBE, TWITTER & FACEBOOK Scientists at the University of Colorado Boulder conducted a review …

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Man bites off nurse’s nose and ears after inviting her to his home on date (graphic photos)

A nurse was invited by a man to his house for a romantic meal but she ended up leaving disfigured after he bit off her ears, nose, and fingertips. Nurse Irina Gonchar, 41, met Anatoliy Ezhkov, 45, online and he later invited her to his house for their first date. Once there, Ezhkov, …

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Tanzania: Illegal alcohol kills nine people

At least nine people have died and several others have been hospitalized in Tanzania’s main city Dar es Salaam after consuming illicit alcohol. According to local authorities, the liquor contained an industrial chemical called ‘GV’ Gentian violet, an antiseptic dye normally used to treat infections of the skin, which is suspected to …

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Natural Remedies for Snoring

Snoring can be a real issue in the bedroom, and it mostly affects those who hear it than the snorers. If your partner snores, then you are well aware of the effects of snoring, as it disturbs your sleep and leads to various other consequences. Snoring happens during the night …

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Tanzania bans alcohol in sachets to protect the youth and environment

Tanzania has joined the list of African countries that have banned the import, manufacture, sale and consumption of alcohol contained in plastic bags. The government announced the ban on Wednesday (March 1, 2017), with the dual objective of protecting youth and the environment. The decision, which has been announced for …

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‘Genius’ mum teaches daughter how to sneak alcohol into any venue using an umbrella

There’s nothing like a glass of booze to enhance, well, anything. It can take the edge of stressful situations, render boring ones tolerable and generally makes you more of an interesting person. 19 year-old Hayleigh Quinn’s mum knows this. While many of us cease as adults to come up with …

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