Wednesday , January 17 2018
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Woman marries a ghost after getting fed up with dating humans

Are you sick of dating humans, only for your romantic escapades to end in inevitable, crushing heartbreak? Well, maybe you should follow Amanda Teague’s lead by ditching living, breathing people and getting hitched to a ghost instead. In some ways, the relationship between the 45-year-old and her husband Jack is …

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Video: Lady breaks down in tears as her boyfriend rejects her marriage proposal

A young Nigerian lady who decided to take the bull by the horn, has been left heartbroken and shattered after her boyfriend turned-down her marriage proposal. Christy Glo, a friend of the woman has revealed the main real reason why the man rejected the public proposal, the same reason which …

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23-year-old Kenyan lady found dead in her apartment in Ohio

A 23-year-old woman in the United States has been found dead in her Columbus, Ohio apartment. Irine Mudagale Yonge reportedly collapsed and passed away on December 29th in her apartment in East Columbus, while preparing to report to work. Her body was discovered a day later, after one of her …

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Girl Develops Underwear With Lock And GPS Alert To Prevent Rape

This is new. An Indian girl has developed what she claims are rape-proof underwear featuring a lock, a GPS alert for police and a video camera to record an attacker’s face.  Seenu Kumari, who was born into a poor family in Farrukhabad, Uttar Pradesh, spent less than £50 in creating …

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‘World’s hairiest girl’ shaves her face after finding love for the first time

When Supatra ‘Natty’ Sasuphan was born, her parents were expecting her to endure a life of bullying and difficulty due to the fact that she suffers from a rare condition that means she is extremely hairy. However, the truth couldn’t be much different. Natty, from Bangkok, Thailand, suffers from a genetic condition called Ambras …

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4 Reasons Why Pregnant Women Need To Have Sex Almost Everyday

According to every woman conceiving a child and the gift of motherhood is the biggest joy that a woman can experience. Many women are delighted by the changes that happen to their bodies during the pregnancy. However on the other hand many view their pregnancy as a burden they must …

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