Sunday , January 21 2018
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Kenyan Catholic priest arrested for sodomy

A Kenyan police report says a Roman Catholic priest is in custody for allegedly sodomizing a man. Police said Tuesday that villagers in Muranga County in central Kenya had been monitoring the priest whom they suspected of being gay and alerted local authorities when an 18-year-old man went into the …

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Woman with 6,000 tumors all over her body made a stunning recovery

A mother who was mocked for decades because of the 6,000 tumours covering her face and body has shared pictures of her incredible results from surgery. Libby Huffer, 45, battles with neurofibromatosis, a genetic neurological disorder causing non-cancerous bumps to form wherever nerves are present. She’s battled the stigma for …

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7 Children die after eating sea turtle in Madagascar

Seven children died of food poisoning after eating sea turtle, officials in Madagascar said on Wednesday. The children, between a few months and 4 years old, were from the same family in the north of the island off the East African coast. “Seven children died on Jan.8 and 9, including …

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UK Prime Minister appoints minister for loneliness

UK Prime Minister, Theresa May has appointed a “minister for loneliness” as part of the legacy of the murdered Labor MP Jo Cox. Tracey Crouch, the Minister for Sport and Civil Society, will lead a drive against a social epidemic that experts say can be as unhealthy as heavy smoking and …

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Photos: See the new ‘Sexy Real Sex-Dolls’ people are going crazy about

These are new sex dolls that have been trending online after the American company, Sexy Real Sex-Dolls, announced that they have created them to help men with their sexual desires. The sexy dolls were created with large thighs, breasts, and large buttocks. According to the website, each sells for N800k …

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Kenya: Man kills his wife, three children, doused himself in petrol and burnt down their house

A man on Tuesday morning, killed his wife and three children, then set the house on fire in Malaba, Juja within Kiambu County, Kenya. Patrick Nderitu, a quarry broker killed his wife in the bedroom, went to each child in their bedrooms and killed them before he doused himself in petrol and …

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