Saturday , September 23 2017
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Watch Video: Over 300 Whales Stranded on Beach.New Zealanders race to save them

It was the sound of soft sighs and cries in the half-light that first struck Cheree Morrison, and then as the dawn broke she began to see the extent of the carnage — more than 400 whales had swum aground along a remote New Zealand beach. About 275 of the …

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Watch Video: Fight erupts at South Africa’s State of Nation Address

Punches have been thrown in South Africa’s parliament as opposition MPs tried to disrupt the State of the Nation address by President Jacob Zuma. Members of the radical Economic Freedom Fighters’ party (EFF), all dressed in red, scuffled with security guards who ejected them from the chamber. Mr Zuma had …

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How to Catch an Anaconda Using Human Bait


These men from mother africa have devised the ultimate skill in capturing giant anacondas. They use themselves as bait and hope the trick works every time. Though we may not advice you to embark on capturing an Anaconda of your own, it sure is an eerie watch.

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Yahoo Alert: Security breach, Data stolen from 1 billion accounts.

Just when you think Yahoo’s security issues can’t get any worse, the company proves you wrong. Yahoo disclosed a new security breach on Wednesday that may have affected more than one billion accounts. The breach dates back to 2013 and is thought to be separate from a massive cybersecurity incident announced …

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