Friday , January 19 2018
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Here’s the daily news round up for today.

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VIDEO: Bees Attack Thief Who Stole Woofer And Force Him To Return It To The Owner

UGANDA: A thief was caught in Masindi town Uganda after a witch doctor sent bees to him. The unidentified man, who allegedly stole a woofer, was forced to return the stolen item after a swarm of bees attacked him and made a home on his head, neck, and almost half of his …

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VIDEO:Thug repeatedly punches ‘pregnant girlfriend after she confronts him and his mistress in street’

A thug was filmed repeatedly punching a woman claiming to be his pregnant girlfriend after she confronted him and his alleged mistress in the street. The man, named in reports as Terence Pakkirie, has sparked outrage after footage emerged of him striking the woman who accuses him of having an affair and …

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Brave dog stops woman being robbed by thug in the street

No more proof is needed that dogs are amazing – but here’s a clip of a heroic dog showing how brave they can be. Incredible footage shows the dog leaping into action to defend a woman from a robber. The video, filmed in Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro, shows a …

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Child sex trafficker bags 472 years in jail, the longest in U.S. history

A 31-year-old convicted child sex trafficker, Brock Franklin, has received the longest sentence for human trafficking in U.S. history. According to report, Franklin was sentenced to 472 years in prison for running a prostitution ring in Colorado that preyed on young girls. Back in March, a jury found Franklin guilty on 30 …

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CCTV Footage: Woman Uses Her Children to Steal From Shops

This CCTV footage of a woman who uses her kids to steal from shops in a West African country . This type of behaviour must be curbed and properly handled. This terrible video emerged online about 4-months ago of an Abuja-based woman who uses her children to steal from supermarkets. …

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