Saturday , September 23 2017
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Cambodia bans export of human breast milk


Some Cambodian mothers have been selling their breast milk to women in the US, in a controversial practice that has now been banned. But the case has raised questions about whether these women have been exploited, or empowered, by this enterprise. What happened in Cambodia? For the past two years, …

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Travelling With Pregnancy To The US? See Why You May Be Deported…

Hakeem Balogun, the chargé d’affaires of the Embassy of Nigeria in Washington, says different reasons are responsible for the extreme vetting Nigerians face during entry into the US. In an interview with NAN in Washington, Balogun said the Nigerians restricted from entering the US failed to meet other required procedures. …

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A giant U-shaped skyscraper designed for NYC could be the longest building in the world


Manhattan developers keep building skyscrapers taller and taller, but Greek architect Ioannis Oikonomou hopes to break a new kind of record. His firm, Oiio Studio, has designed a U-shaped tower called the “Big Bend” that aims to become, what Oikonomou calls, “the world’s longest building” (if you were measure from end to …

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US and UK laptop bans on some Middle East flights come into effect


A ban on laptops and tablets in cabin baggage on flights from Turkey and some countries in the Middle East and North Africa to the US and UK has come into effect. Officials say devices “larger than a smartphone” must travel in the hold because of an increased risk that …

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Nigeria launches 48-hour online visa application system

Nigeria has launched an online system aimed at enabling business executives to apply for a visa online and collect it on arrival 48 hours later, its immigration service said on Thursday. The move to ease visa rules in the West African country follows complaints from foreign executives that obstructive embassy …

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Flying is about to get a bit more annoying for some people heading to the U.S.


If you’re impacted by the new rules, be sure to carefully pack your larger gadgets inside your hold luggage. New rules banning plane passengers from taking electronic devices larger than a mobile phone into the cabin will go into effect this week for airlines flying to the U.S. from eight countries. …

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