Sunday , January 21 2018
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Malaysia: No more visa-free entry for North Koreans

Malaysia is scrapping visa-free entry for North Koreans traveling into the country, the state news agency said on Thursday in the latest fallout from a deadly nerve agent attack at Kuala Lumpur airport. The Bernama news agency announced the move on Thursday. The bizarre killing of Kim Jong Nam, the …

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VIDEO: Meet 94-year-old Kung fu grandma in China. She The Real Dragon Mother-Kicking Fing.


Kung fu grandma is China’s new internet sensation Zhang Hexian, a 94-year-old who lives a reclusive life in rural Zhejiang is the real life dragon. The real deal. So real her grandsons better not be seen with a mobile phone. She has become China’s latest internet sensation. 

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Nigeria: Massive shake up in the aviation sector as 3 appointed and 10 directors sacked

The Nigeria aviation sector has witnessed a massive change as the government approved the sack of all the Directors in the regulatory agency, Nigerian Civil Authority (NCAA). No fewer than 10 Directors were unexpectedly sacked from their duty by the government while three new Directors and a General Manager for …

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Muhammad Ali Jr detained at US airport because of Muslim name

A son of boxing legend Muhammad Ali was held for questioning for two hours at a Florida airport upon returning from Jamaica because of his Arabic-sounding name, US media reported late on Friday. Muhammad Ali Jr, 44, who was born in Philadelphia and has a US passport, was travelling with …

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The Airport Jacket lets you wear your luggage to beat excess baggage fees


If you’re unable to pack for a flight without taking half your home with you, the Airport Jacket could be just the ticket. If you always find yourself forking out for excess baggage every time you take a flight, then an Aussie-based startup has come up with an ingenious solution …

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Japan zoo kills 57 snow monkeys due to ‘alien genes’


A zoo in northern Japan has culled 57 of its snow monkeys by lethal injection after discovering they carried the genes of an “invasive alien species”. Takagoyama Nature Zoo in Chiba said DNA testing showed the monkeys had been crossbred with the rhesus macaque. The non-indigenous rhesus macaque is banned …

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