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Chinese police are using facial-recognition tech to catch criminals


Police in Beijing are reportedly testing out new smart glasses enabled with license plate and facial-recognition technology. The smart tech, which is being used at a highway checkpoint on the outskirts of the city, can not only identify individuals who are stopped but also match them with a police database of …

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China’s giant 200-foot chimney sucks in pollution, spews out clean air


China has a pretty severe pollution problem, with smog in some parts of the country so bad that it can discolor buildings and even blot out the sun. According to some estimates, high levels of air pollution in China’s cities cause up to 350,000 to 400,000 premature deaths each year. …

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VIDEO: Longest Rivers Found In Africa

20 Longest rivers in the African continent Africa continent combined of hot and pleasant places such as desert, rain forest and plains, the rivers here longer and acquires lots of drainage area since the continent large in size and thousands of tributaries join to the rivers. Many countries in Africa …

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Kenya Airways embarks on aggressive drive towards profitability

Kenya Airways has embarked on an aggressive campaign for cost savings and premium passengers, after years of losses following a slump in tourism and large debts incurred to buy new aircraft. The campaign is being championed by the airlines’ new chief executive officer who took over the helm in June …

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Check Out This Island Called ‘SuperShe’ Where Men Are Not Allowed

American Entrepreneur, Kristina Roth, whose company was listed on Forbes’ list of fastest-growing women-run businesses in 2016, is billed open SuperShe Island in June. This island is an exclusive resort off the coast of Finland that will serve as a luxury retreat only for women. It is reported that there …

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Former South African ‘homeland’ leader Mangope dies.

 Lucas Mangope, a leader of one of South Africa’s tribal homelands who resisted the end of apartheid, died on Thursday at the age of 94, local media reported on Friday. Mangope was president from 1977 to 1994 of Bophuthatswana, one of South Africa’s “self-governing” homelands, or bantustans – fragmented islands …

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