Friday , February 23 2018
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Thought By a Swampmerchant

“A Marvodian Dilemma”- Tales of A Lagos MMM Investor pt 2


The long wait is over and MMM has come back as stated. They even came back a day earlier than anticipated BUT my money has not come back. I’m not going to bore anyone with the stories on how they have introduced bitcoins or how some have gotten paid and …

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Love It Or Hate It, Africa’s Wrestle mania is Here!!!!


We have moved from onlookers to participants and having said this, feast your eyes on these African sportsmen taking on each other wrestle-mania style. I really do not know if wrestling as a sport is real or make believe but there’s something almost believable about these men here. However we …

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Darkness Is Light Disguised


Todays thoughts by @swampmerchant . Never fear tough seasons. Those are the times that every cut life places on you shapes you into the future you. As difficult as it is, the positive of dark times is that the measure of darkness you recive will most in generally be equal …

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Greatness Is Expensive


You see great people everyday on tv, radio, through their books, at seminars and so on. You desire to have just a bit of that spotlight. It is good to aspire but be warned for behind every great man or woman you see today is an invisible trail of dissapointments, …

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No Comfort Zone. Never Settle


Be grateful to God for everything in life because nothing you have is 100% based on your effort. It’s solely a function of his lavish grace on our lives. Nevertheless, do not let todays blessings, safe-net, comfort zone or provisions keep you too satisfied that you stop aiming to improve …

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Keep Walking


Just one of those days. I feel like taking a back-seat and allow the world rush past me. “I’ll catch up later” i say to everything beckoning to me. Unfortunately, we most times than not NEVER catch up. There’s just too much at stake. Grab a hold of your day, …

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