Saturday , September 23 2017
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Egypt: Inventors design candy floss robot

A group of young Egyptian inventors have designed a robot which autonomously makes candy floss. The team of children, called Egyptian ‘‘Big Hero 6’‘, have won several awards for their robot-building, with their latest invention – the automatic cotton candy-making robot – impressing competition judges and users alike. “The children …

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Robots will soon be writing news stories for the U.K.’s Press Association


If you thought human journalists were too biased in their reporting, maybe robots will be better. We rejoiced when automation meant the more efficient production of the Ford Model T. We applauded when artificial intelligence bested humans at games and trivia. We nodded solemnly as machines began to replace fast-food …

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Here’s how to uninstall Windows 10 and revert to an older version


Windows 10 has been a critical success since its release, but if you need, or want, to install an older version of Windows, it’s easy to uninstall Windows 10 and roll it back to whichever version you prefer. Unfortunately, there’s no automatic system for older versions — you’ll have to …

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France will ban gas and diesel engines by 2040


If you live in France or plan to live there after the year 2040, get used to the idea of alternative energy transport. Imagining what the world will look like in 23 years isn’t easy, but — if a new government policy remains in force — you can count on …

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Instagram will now let you reply to Stories with photos or videos of your own


Instagram keeps looking more and more like Snapchat, especially with this latest update. Sometimes, the only way to react to someone else’s photo or video is with a photo or video of your own. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words, and when you’re on social media, why …

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Can the company that transformed Volvo finally make the flying car a reality?


Flying cars may still sound a bit far-fetched, but if they ever become a reality, they can completely change the way we move around. Can you imagine levitating right over traffic and getting to work in a flying car? It seems unlikely to happen anytime soon, but a growing number …

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