Sunday , November 19 2017
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?? Sky taxi to fly in Dubai ‘from July’


A drone that can carry people will begin “regular operations” in Dubai from July, the head of the city’s Roads and Transportation Agency has announced at the World Government Summit. The vehicle can carry one passenger weighing up to 100kg (220lbs). The passenger selects a destination on a touch screen …

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Dutch town installs LED pavement strips to alert distracted smartphone users


If pedestrian safety systems like these are adopted worldwide, they could one day save your life. A Dutch town believes it may have figured out a solution to the problem of pedestrians distracted by their smartphones. Officials in Bodegraven, Netherlands are now running trials of LED strips embedded into sidewalks near …

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Public chargers could let hackers steal your data


Public chargers and outlets are more dangerous than you think. An enterprising hacker could use them to extract your phone’s data. There’s an unlikely danger lurking in the corner of every coffee shop, airport, conference center, and public library: Power strips and chargers. CNN reports that “compromised” outlets — chargers clandestinely …

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??? The concept of transporting people through tubes – Everything you need to know about the Hyperloop


We live in an age of unbelievable progress in the field of computing, with the internet having revolutionized the way information is exchanged on a global scale. It seems like every day the chips get smaller and the storage space gets larger. One would think such changes would have brought …

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You can now explore seven countries in Africa thanks to Google Street View


Why it matters to you If you’ve ever wanted to explore the National Parks of Uganda or see the National Theatre of Ghana, Google is giving you a chance. Globetrotting can be hard, but Google is here to make it easier — not when it comes to flight and hotel …

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Didn’t mean to delete that? Here’s how to recover deleted text messages on your iPhone


Did you know that text messages don’t really get deleted when you delete them? We’ve already talked about how to delete your text messages, so now we’re going to look at how to recover deleted text messages on your iPhone. Unless you reset your iPhone to its factory settings — an …

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