Sunday , October 22 2017
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South Africa: Lions Cause Huge Traffic Jam While Mating In The Middle Of A Street

A serious traffic gridlock was caused by two lions who mated in the middle of the street at Kruger national park in South Africa. According to reports, the male and female lion got intimate in front of several cars, causing a traffic of more than 100 vehicles at the National …

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Woman Allegedly Abandoned By FRSC Officials After Accident During Chase In Abuja.

The On Air Personality (OAP) – was rescued by other motorists and passersby who rushed her to the hospital.Omolola Oladimeji, the woman’s co-worker and an eyewitness said; I met her on the ground . Matilda Duncan. Her jeep somersaulted. She was chased by FRSC. And when they saw her car …

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Malawi arrests 140 in clampdown after ‘vampirism’ killings

Police in Malawi said they arrested 140 suspected members of vigilante mobs that have targeted people accused of vampirism, clamping down after a wave of attacks that have killed at least nine. The lynch mob attacks began in mid-September in four districts in southern Malawi, where belief in witchcraft is …

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Top Ugandan opposition figure charged with murder after deadly protests

A leading Ugandan opposition figure was arrested and charged with murder, police said on Friday, after a deadly anti-government rally that security personnel broke up with teargas and bullets. Kizza Besigye, who has contested and lost four presidential elections against long-time leader Yoweri Museveni, was detained on Thursday. He and …

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Kenya: 4 people killed during opposition protests

 Kenya’s police said on Friday that four people had died as result of police intervention during opposition protests in the past two weeks, amid concerns violence will break out in next week’s repeat presidential vote. The re-run of the Aug. 8 presidential election annulled by the Supreme Court is set …

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University becomes FIRST to offer a degree in MARIJUANA studies

Scientific studies will allow students to get a professional insight into the industry which is exploding in the US. But the campus at the Northern Michigan University was quick to point out the four-year medical plant degree is not for stoners. Brandon Canfield, a chemistry professor from the university, said: …

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