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Madagascar: Fun Things To Do When Visiting

When people hear the word Madagascar they normally think of the famous animated movie and lemurs. However, this fascinating island off the southeastern coast of Africa is much more than that. We must say that Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the world so there is lots of unique …

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Ancient tree stump’ spotted on Mars ?


UFO hunters claim that an image taken by NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover shows an ancient tree stump on the surface of the Red Planet. A video posted to YouTube by Paranormal Crucible highlights the feature on the surface of Mars, speculating that it could be the petrified remains of a …

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Gambia’s race to save its ‘Roots’ on Kunta Kinteh island

As the rebel slave who defied his captors, Kunta Kinte, immortalised in print and on screen in “Roots”, put The Gambia on the map for historical tourism. But the island where he and tens of thousands of west African slaves faced the horrors of being chained, branded and separated before …

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Zimbabwe’s new ‘GOAT’ currency? Minister announces livestock-for-school-fees plan

Cash-strapped Zimbabwe’s latest plan to have parents pay school fees in goats has got some Zimbabweans up in arms – but not everyone thinks it’s a bad idea. Education Minister Lazarus Dokora and a ministry official have told the state-controlled Sunday Mail that schools must be “flexible” when demanding outstanding …

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Guinea: Shark fins seized from Chinese ships

Guinea has seized a haul of shark fins and carcasses from Chinese ships fishing illegally off the coast of the west African country and fined the owners. The seizure was part of a push launched in February to crack down on illegal fishing in West African waters, aided by the …

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9 life sentences in state case on Charleston church slayings

Convicted Charleston church shooter Dylann Roof was given nine consecutive life sentences in prison after he pleaded guilty to state murder charges on Monday, leaving him to await execution in a federal prison and sparing his victims and their families the burden of a second trial. Judge J.C. Nicholson imposed …

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