Monday , September 25 2017
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Pipeline explosion: Niger Delta village sues Eni in Italian court

A Nigerian village has filed a lawsuit in Milan against Italian oil company Eni demanding compensation for damage caused by an oil pipeline explosion in 2010, an Italian lawyer representing the village said on Thursday. The village of Ikebiri in the Niger Delta is asking Eni for 2 million euros …

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See What Happened To A Brave Man Who Squared Up To An Ostrich.

An ostrich attacked a man and knocked him over backwards. Tienie Van Wyk was standing in front of the ostrich in North West Province, South Africa, when it flared its wings in anger. The engineer was mauled with series of pecks and kicks, before the bird was finally chased away …

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Researchers in Zimbabwe and South Africa work together on baby elephant formula

Researchers in Zimbabwe and South Africa have embarked on a quest to unlock the make-up of elephant milk – and hopefully come up with a baby “formula” to keep orphan elephants alive. The difficulties of hand-rearing baby elephants are well-known: close to half die in captivity, many from diarrhoea caused …

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Police called to reports of a cat up a tree… armed with a RIFLE

An armed suspect toting an ‘assault rifle’ was feline lucky when they escaped being shot by police by a whisker. A worried member of the public alerted police to a cat sitting in a tree nestling a RIFLE in its paws. Officers in Newport, Oregon, reacted in style when they …

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Ancient tree stump’ spotted on Mars ?


UFO hunters claim that an image taken by NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover shows an ancient tree stump on the surface of the Red Planet. A video posted to YouTube by Paranormal Crucible highlights the feature on the surface of Mars, speculating that it could be the petrified remains of a …

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The Naked Molerat is an extraordinary mammal


They live in an underground tunnel complexes in colonies of hundreds led by a queen, they live in hives, much like bees. For several years scientists thought they didn’t get cancer. And now it seems that they can survive for 18 minutes with no oxygen. No oxygen. Generally, they can …

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