Monday , September 25 2017
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Emergency hunger levels likely to hit Madagascar by year-end: U.N.

Hunger is expected to reach emergency levels by the end of the year in drought-hit southern Madagascar, where many families have already been forced to sell their homes or land, or migrate, the World Food Programme (WFP) has warned. At least 1 million people need food and cash aid, and …

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Devil’s Rock-Legends surround giant rock butte’s formation


CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) — An effort is underway to change the name of Devils Tower National Monument, a giant rock butte in northeast Wyoming. Local American Indians and others say the name is inappropriate given the tower’s religious significance. They’re seeking to have it switched to Bear Lodge. Here are …

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Hurricane Matthew, thrashing the Caribbean, Next Stop, Florida


The eye of Hurricane Matthew, the most powerful Atlantic storm since 2007, hit Cuba Wednesday morning as the major tropical cyclone advanced toward the Bahamas. The Washington Post reports that the extent of the destruction in Haiti, the western hemisphere’s poorest nation, is still unknown after Matthew struck with 145 mph winds. International …

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The largest Iron Age earthwork in Britain has been identified at the former site of a Norman castle


The mound at Skipsea Castle in East Yorkshire is 278ft (85m) in diameter and 42ft (13m) high. It was thought to be part of a Norman motte and bailey dating from 1086 but archaeological analysis of soil from its core showed it is 2,500 years old. Dr Jim Leary, from …

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Worlds Most Deadly Island


Snake Island Is one of the Most Dangerous Places in The World due to the insane amount of golden lance head snakes found there.

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Brain tracker finds birds sleep during flight


The naps happen in short episodes of about 12 seconds each, usually using only one half of their brain but sometimes using both. A team from Germany has found great frigatebirds sleep mid-flight after fitting them with small brain activity monitors and movement trackers. The red-breasted birds can fly continuously …

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