Tuesday , June 27 2017
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Angry elephant overturns a car and goes on a rampage at a festival

Angry elephant acting out its frustration by overturning a car with its trunk. The aggressive elephant disrupted a local festival called Ambalapura that was taking place in Thrissur, Kerela in Southern India and went on a rampage, destroying things. The elephant was appearing at the festival with its owner but …

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South Africa: Sheep gives birth to several deformed lamb that looks like a human being

The Eastern Cape Department of Rural Development and Agrarian Reform, South Africa has confirmed that photos of a severely deformed lamb circulating on social media are no hoax. It confirmed the authenticity of the pictures saying a deformed stillborn lamb was born in the Lady Frere area. Dr Lubabalo Mrwebi, …

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South Africa joins others to suspend Zimbabwe chicken imports

South Africa has suspended imports of birds and chicken products from neighbouring Zimbabwe after it reported an outbreak of highly pathogenic H5N8 bird flu at a poultry farm, the agriculture department said on Thursday. The H5N8 strain has been detected in several countries in Europe, Africa and Asia over the …

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Woman gives birth at SA train station after hospitals turn her away


A woman gave birth at a railway station in South Africa after two hospitals refused to admit her, reports the local IOL news site. IOL goes on to say Francine Ngalula Kalala was allegedly turned away from the hospitals “because of her asylum status”. It says she was refused treatment …

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10 Weird Things Found Under Water

There are a lot of weird things in the ocean, really weird things. Whether they belong there or not, the sheer volume of strange discoveries that have been recovered from the sea is mind-boggling, and it grows day by day. Here’s a list of some of the most unique. 1. …

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Head of Zimbabwe’s wildlife authority Edson Chidziya fired after $3m rhino horn got missing

The head of Zimbabwe’s wildlife authority has been fired following the disappearance of rhino horns worth $3 million two years ago, it was reported on Sunday. Edson Chidziya was suspended last year on full pay after he was accused of failing to alert the police when it was discovered that …

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