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Unbelievable: Father Spends £100,000 Freezing His Family After Their Death So They Can Live Forever

A father has paid more than £100,000 to have his whole family frozen after they die — so they can be brought back to life in the future. Dennis Kowalski will preserve his wife Maria and their three sons — James, 16, Danny, 17, and Jacob, 19 — in a vat …

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Man spent almost $60,000 To Transform Himself Into A Human Elf

A man has spent big (about $60,000) in order to transform himself into a real-life elf. The 26-year-old fantasy fanatic identified as Luis Padron, from Buenos Ares, Argentina, has been determined to transform himself into a mythical creature since his teens after finding solace and acceptance away from bullies in …

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Terrifying moment animal trainer gets trapped between two raging buffalo

Terrifying footage has captured the moment an animal trainer gets trapped between the horns of two buffalo as they clashed at a festival. Two men were caught in the line of fire as the raging animals locked together, but one managed to get away quickly. The other man, who had been helping …

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Boy, 14, dies after being bitten by his venomous pet cobra

A teenager has died after being bitten by his venomous pet snake and begging for help on social media. The boy, known only as “Aril”, was trying to take a photograph of his cobra when he was bitten on the arm. The 14-year-old, from Bundung Regency in Indonesia’s West Java province, posted …

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The things men are likely to buy when they’re going through a midlife crisis

Ah, the midlife crisis. Nothing like looming death to make you want to spice up your life, empty out your wardrobe, and finally buy a motorbike. A midlife crisis isn’t all about buying sports cars and dumping your wife for a younger model. It’s a moment when people become keenly …

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Brazil: DJ Kaleb Freitas killed at festival after stage collapses during performance

A 30-year-old DJ was killed at the Atmosphere Festival in Brazil and three other people were injured after high winds caused the stage to collapse. DJ Kaleb Freitas was performing Sunday when the stage suddenly destructed at about 2 p.m local time. Revellers captured the horrifying moment the metal structure over the …

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