Saturday , September 23 2017
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Jesus In Egypt – Laugh Out Loud Africa


Here is one hilarious picture that tears you up everytime you see it online. View and share with your friends.

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Donkeys and Beer – Laugh Out Loud Africa

A teacher brought two buckets in a classroom, filled one with BEER and the other filled with WATER… Then she brought a DONKEY to drink. Donkey smelled both buckets and decided to drink WATER… Teacher then asked the students, “What have u learnt from today’s lesson?” The students chorused “ANYONE …

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Annointing Oil – Laugh Out Loud Africa

SOMEWHERE IN USA SON: Mom, someone gave me chocolates today. MUM: Wahoo, i hope you thanked him? SON: Yes mum 😊😊😊 SOMEWHERE IN NIGERIA SON: Mom, someone gave me chocolate today. Mom screams: Hiaaaaaaaaan!!! Who? Where? [slaps son] how many times [slaps son again] did i tell you not to …

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Parents During School Holidays – Laugh Out Loud Africa


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No Chills – Laugh Out Loud Africa

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We do not own this but we own the rights to Laugh

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