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5 Steps to Building a Successful Team

One of the things that leaders are often pondering is the performance and relationships of their team. Performance indicators show that effective teams will almost always outperform people working individually, particularly in high-pressure situations or when multiple skillsets are needed. This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, as most …

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7 Natural ways on How to treat Knee pain

As people get older the pain in their joints becomes very painful and rigid. This is often caused due to trauma, inflammatory disease, or intense physical activity. In this article we are going to present to you natural remedies that will help you relieve this pain. Here is a detailed …

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5 signs indicating you are not drinking enough water and your body is Dehydrated!

The human body is largely consisted of water, in fact 60% of it is water,75% is in the muscles, and 85% of it is in the brain. So, the intake of water is of great essence for our body because if the level of water drops in our body even …

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Natural and Safe Ways to Reset Your Thyroid to Burn Fat and Activate your Metabolism

It has been estimated that more than 12% of the population in the developed world is going to have a thyroid problem at some point in their life, however, more conditions are going to go misdiagnosed or undiagnosed. Some have named the situation named “epidemic” and the development of thyroid …

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12 Ways to Re-boot Your Liver

The liver is a remarkable, adaptable, and particularly resilient organ. We hammer it with not-so-healthy foods, medications, and lifestyle choices but it continues to chug along, processing everything we eat and drink, synthesizing proteins and fats, and filtering out toxins and waste while passing along nutrients that we need. Because …

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Lovers of Pumpkin! Here are 10 Pumpkin Recipes and How

What is it about changing leaves and blustery days that makes you crave pumpkin? It’s more than just a seasonal food—it’s one of those quintessential tastes of fall—like apples and mulling spices—that just feels right on a chilly day. Check out some favorite fall pumpkin recipes, and feel free to share …

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