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12 Ways to Re-boot Your Liver

The liver is a remarkable, adaptable, and particularly resilient organ. We hammer it with not-so-healthy foods, medications, and lifestyle choices but it continues to chug along, processing everything we eat and drink, synthesizing proteins and fats, and filtering out toxins and waste while passing along nutrients that we need. Because …

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Lovers of Pumpkin! Here are 10 Pumpkin Recipes and How

What is it about changing leaves and blustery days that makes you crave pumpkin? It’s more than just a seasonal food—it’s one of those quintessential tastes of fall—like apples and mulling spices—that just feels right on a chilly day. Check out some favorite fall pumpkin recipes, and feel free to share …

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3 Natural Bleach Alternatives and How to Use Them

Being a huge fan of clean, white linens – towels, sheets, you name it! is the best thing that can ever happen to you. But keeping them bright white is an entirely different story. Of a Truth, bleach is actually pretty toxic stuff, and the health risks associated with using it are …

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How to Make Your Own Ghee

Have you ever tasted butter’s richly golden cousin, ghee? If not, get ready to have your socks knocked off. If you are familiar with ghee, you know it is delicious, but can be pretty expensive. Why not save a few bucks by making your own? It’s fast, easy, healthy, and even tastier …

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5 Ways on How to Support the Environment from Your Computer

The environment needs our individual and collective help more than ever. Hurricanes, flooding, raging forest fires, unprecedented droughts, threatened national monuments, declining species, crazy temperature fluctuations; climate change is quickening its destructive pace and we have a federal government that is unwilling to lift a finger to do anything about …

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How to treat Stomach Ulcers with honey

One of the best stomach ulcer medicine that you could actually get is organic honey. This ingredient is 100% natural and doesn’t contain any chemicals. There are numerous research studies that have been conducted that confirm the medicinal properties of honey. Latest research also confirm that honey is extremely beneficial …

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