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5 things NOT to do during the eclipse

The Great American Eclipse is inspiring a great frenzy, but don’t make these mistakes on Monday. The Great American Eclipse is inspiring a great frenzy, with millions of people preparing to get the best look possible as the moon covers the sun on Monday. All of North America will be …

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Listen to Your Body. Everything you need to know about The female body and child sex selection.

MENSTRUAL CYCLE AND OVULATION PERIOD….Married ones. Most girls don’t understand this because of the terms used in it’s description. Secondly, many women do not listen to their body. I read, I started listening to my body for signs and I arrived at the simple analysis/steps…….. 👉MENSTRUAL PERIOD:The time blood flows out …

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Can you actually make cheap wine taste fine? These two gadgets will help you find out


My wine often comes in a box, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. These days, you can find some decent boxed wine for a bargain price; it doesn’t all taste like Franzia. Even Wine Enthusiast says go ahead and drink wine from the box. But when you price it …

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Here’s how to uninstall Windows 10 and revert to an older version


Windows 10 has been a critical success since its release, but if you need, or want, to install an older version of Windows, it’s easy to uninstall Windows 10 and roll it back to whichever version you prefer. Unfortunately, there’s no automatic system for older versions — you’ll have to …

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10 Things Your Feet Say About Your Health

1/11 What can your toes tell you? The nurse just took your temperature, checked your blood pressure, and even made you step on the scale (with that heavy sweater on, no less). And as she hands you the paper gown, she gives her final directive: “You can leave your socks …

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How to Tell Someone They Have Body Odor

Spending time around someone with body odor is definitely disagreeable. Deciding to tell someone there’s a problem is positively cringe-inducing. Unpleasant body odor can sometimes be caused by stress, medications, diet or medical conditions [source: Andersen]. So if you have the courage to bring up the topic, don’t be judgmental. …

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