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10 Signs Cancer may be Growing in your body

Cancer can be a destructive illness that comes out of no place. Those detected typically observe couple of signs, and they feel fine when they’re blindsided with a diagnosis. Symptoms and signs of cancer can be extremely little and easy to miss. Recognizing these 10 indications that cancer may be …

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4 Effective ways to remove Tonsil Stones without Surgery

Do you know what those white spots on your tonsils are? They are known as tonsil stones and some people don’t even know that they have them. Tonsil stones are a result of accumulation of mucus, dead skin cells, bacteria and food particles. They have either white or yellow color …

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The Penis Disease That Makes Having S*x Impossible – Here Is The Earliest Warning Sign

This is the earliest warning sign of peyronie’s disease. As humans, we are all different shapes and sizes. The same can be said for penises. Recently, the Daily Star Online asked our readers what shape of penis they had. Surprisingly, 13% of the 1,000 male respondents said their penis had …

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How a Pineapple can Relieve you from Cough faster than a Cough Syrup

The pineapple is extremely tasty fruit which offers plenty of health benefits. It contains a powerful enzyme known as bromelain which is beneficial in reducing inflammation in the body. This enzyme also acts as an anticoagulant which assists in the process of digestion and as well as in improving the …

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Listen to Your Body. Everything you need to know about The female body and child sex selection.

MENSTRUAL CYCLE AND OVULATION PERIOD….Married ones. Most girls don’t understand this because of the terms used in it’s description. Secondly, many women do not listen to their body. I read, I started listening to my body for signs and I arrived at the simple analysis/steps…….. 👉MENSTRUAL PERIOD:The time blood flows out …

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Fit @ Five: 5 Best Fruits And Veggies For Weight Loss


Welcome to today’s episode of Fit @ 5! Here, we believe that life is fun and it must be lived positively and with moderation. Hence,we serve you with 5 amazing tips weekly to get you started on your journey to a healthy lifestyle.   While it may seem like skipping …

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