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Is it safe to hold your pee? Five possible complications

Whether due to a busy day at work or suspenseful movie, it is normal for people to resist the urge to urinate from time to time. The normal bladder capacity is about 16 ounces (2 cups) of liquid and even less for a child. The bladder can stretch to hold …

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4 Effective Ways to Remove Tonsil Stones without Surgery

Many people believe that they have stuck something in their throat once they notice small white nuggets in their tonsils. In fact, these white nuggets are called tonsil stones and not many people know that they have it. The main causes for tonsil stones are mucus, bacteria, dead skin cells, …

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A Noisy Workplace Might Affect Your Heart Rate.

Millions of people are exposed to excessive noise at work, finds a new study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This affects not only their hearing, but also their heart health. In the United States, around 22 million workers “are exposed to potentially damaging noise at work each year,” say …

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Epithelial cells in urine

Epithelial cells line various surfaces of the body, including the skin, blood vessels, organs, and urinary tract. A raised amount of epithelial cells in a person’s urine may be a sign that they are ill. Healthy urine contains a small number of epithelial cells. Testing for epithelial cells can help …

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Shocking the brain with electricity can prompt people to remember old dreams


It’s a weird observation that people with epilepsy can occasionally remember old dreams during seizures. Scientists at France’s Toulouse University Hospital have now discovered that this same effect can be recreated by stimulating a particular part of the brain using electricity. “Sudden and unexpected reminiscences of memories have been described …

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A pioneering stem cell treatment restores eyesight in nearly blind patients


A pair of patients with severe vision loss have had their sight restored, courtesy of a pioneering trial using stem cells to regrow crucial tissues in the eye. The first-of-its-kind procedure was carried out on a man in his 80s and woman in her 60s, conducted at the U.K.’s Moorfields …

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