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Over 10 Natural Antibiotics That Fight Infection, And Pharmaceutical Companies Do Not Want You To Know.

These are the natural antibiotics for infections , which may prove to be much more effective for your health than any medicine or prescription drug. Apple cider vinegar: Rich in vitamins, fiber, minerals and antioxidants, apple cider vinegar is excellent for treating sinus infections, in addition to high blood pressure, diabetes …

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What Causes COPD ( Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) and how to Treat!?

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease – COPD is a term, which is used to describe progressive lung disease. Health conditions under the name COPD involve asthma, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, and some forms of bronchiectasis. COPD affects approximately 30 million people in the states and in time significantly affects the breathing. The …

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Rosemary! Natural Remedy that Protects you from Cell Phone Radiation

We are living in a modern age where life without a cell phone is not even imaginable, but most of us are familiar with the fact that the use of cell phone exposes us to unhealthy levels of radiation. However, not many people are informed about the dangers related to …

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Be Warned! Massaging Pregnant Women Harmful to Baby – Physiotherapist

Mr Popoola Olugbenga, a Physiotherapist with Federal Medical Center in Yenagoa has expressed concern over the habit of giving native massage to pregnant women. Olugbenga, who is also the Head of Physiotherapy Department in the hospital told the News Agency of Nigeria on Friday in Yenagoa after a two-day physiotherapy outreach …

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10 Best Natural Remedies for Menstrual cramps

Menstruation is a natural part of a woman’s life, but painful menstrual cramps are a very annoying problem for many. While menstrual cramps are rarely a cause for concern, if severe they can disrupt regular activities. Menstrual cramps are due to a hormone-like substance called prostaglandin that causes the uterine muscles …

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10 Exercises for Lifted and Sexy Breasts ‘Defy Gravity’

Strengthening the chest muscles, chest lifted, look bigger and improve their tone. Discover weight training, Pilates training and home exercise for sexy décolletage. The average breast weight is 1 to 2 kg, but speed which they “lowering” primarily depends on genetics. Larger breasts are normally lowering faster than smaller ones, …

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