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7 Facts about dreams that will blow your mind

Have you ever woken from a ludicrously whacky dream a thought to yourself, “How the HECK did my brain come up with that?” Like, you were walking around inside a giant plastic nose with your colleagues, all wearing tuxedos and looking at the nasal walls like it was artwork. Or …

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9 Weird things that might be causing your stinky breath

The human body is capable of some seriously impressive things. It has ways of keeping us cool when we’re too hot, mechanisms to help us see when it’s too dark, and a built-in immune system to help us recover when we get sick. Unfortunately, it also does some pretty gross things. We’ve got …

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7 tips to relief Back pain during pregnancy

Back pain during pregnancy is a common complaint — and it’s no wonder.  You’re gaining weight, your center of gravity changes, and your hormones are relaxing the ligaments in the joints of your pelvis. Often, however, you can prevent or ease back pain during pregnancy. Consider seven ways to give …

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Ladies see the 5 reasons why your breast may be bigger than the other.

It is not unusual for one brea*st to be bigger than the other. Almost every woman with natural breasts has a slight difference between the two. One may be larger, higher, have a different shape etc. That is what makes you human and not a robot. THERE ARE MANY EXPLANATIONS …

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9 Things guys secretly hate about sex with the woman on top

What’s your favorite sex position? That’s the first question I ask women on dates, which is why all of my dates end after one question. There are so many great sex positions to choose from: missionary, cowgirl, doggystyle, the butter churner, the wheelbarrow, the pretzel. There’s even sex positions inspired …

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Thomas Beatie says he is just like any other normal father. But he is about as far as you could be from typical. He claims to have given birth to the child. Although born a woman, Beatie had his breasts removed and lives outwardly as a man after changing his …

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