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Did You Know That You Can Detox Your Body Through Your Feet?

Body detox is very important for the body to function properly. The body itself has its own system in doing this process; however it is good sometimes to help this process from outside. For centuries, the Chinese medicine has traditionally used the method of body detoxification through the feet. In …

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Why you shouldn’t drink water immediately before and after meals

Most people drink water when they are thirsty, it is a natural urge and should be attended as and when it occurs. One should keep these things in mind when it comes to water. Do not drink water before, during, and after the meal. Drinking water before the meals will …

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How to lower Blood Pressure fast without Medications

Many people around the world struggle with hypertension. Unfortunately, this medical condition does not show any early signs, only when aggravated, and then leads to severe health concerns. The most common symptoms of hypertension are: pain, leg cramps, insomnia, dizziness, and not normal heart rates. If you experience all these …

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Why ladies shouldn’t shave their pubic hair -Health Experts

Women who shave their vaginas thinking it is more hygienic are actually putting themselves at greater risk of infection, according to experts. Not only does the hair stop viruses and bacteria reaching genitalia, it also acts as a cushion for the sensitive labia and vagina. Dr Vanessa Mackay, from the …

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10 Most Effective Ways To Remove Acne Scars & Pimples naturally at home

Acne scar occurs when someone’s pop your pimples and spots become inflamed. For some peoples scars depend on skin tone or hereditary. There are many precautions and treatments available to reduce scarring skin’s appearance. Below some remedies which are effective to treat acne scars. 1. Use Lemon Juice for Acne …

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Sex And Health: 6 ways many men are unknowingly killing their sperm

Most men are finding it hard to produce these days. It is not that they are not sweating enough, or that they are “unhealthy”, but something is wrong. Though other factors contribute, damaged sperm is a major reason for many a couple’s infertility issues. In many cases, the man’s weapon may …

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