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11 Unexpected Things That Are Stealing Your Sleep

Without sleep, your health — both mental and physical — as well as your ability to focus seriously suffers. And let’s be honest, without an adequate amount of rest, none of us are fun to be around. There are a few tried and true ways to get a better night’s …

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This mixture is a Terror for Cholesterol and Cancer, Great for Waist and significantly improves Sperm quality

Whenever you are checking the list of unhealthy foods, nuts takes place in all of them, it especially refers to the pre-processed, fried, salted or dipped in chocolate nuts. However, if they are raw and unprocessed, then they are extremely healthy and provide great boost to the overall health. Therefore …

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5 Tips for Leaving Your Stress at Work

No matter what your job is, work can be stressful. But what if it gets so stressful you feel like you have no time to relax? You end up bringing piles of work home with you, and it starts to cut into the time you should be spending on yourself …

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Too Much Use of Mobile Phone Can Cause Eye Cancer – Expert

 Experts have revealed that regular use of cellphones could increase risk of contracting eye cancer Mobile phones have been linked to a rare form of eye cancer. A German study suggests that regular use of cellphones could lead to an increased risk of contracting uveal melanoma, in which tumor form …

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See What Science is Currently Saying About Women With Big Bottoms, Hips And Thighs

A new scientific research has made an interesting connection between women with big bums, hips and thighs with their overall health. According to report, scientists have claimed that big bums can make women healthier. A bulky backside is much healthier than a spilling-over stomach and can even help combat heart disease …

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4 Diet Mistakes You’re Making That Only Create More Belly Fat

For sure it has happened to you to try very hard to lose weight and still not to achieve the wanted goal. This means that you might be making some mistakes which impede your weight loss process. Therefore, in this article we will show you which are your frequent mistakes. …

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