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Bright light pulses bamboozle mosquitoes, could help fight malaria


Discovery could help suppress the deadly spread of malaria by stopping mosquitoes in their tracks. Researchers at the University of Notre Dame have made a potentially significant breakthrough in the battle against malaria by discovering a way to suppress mosquitoes’ natural biting behavior. The secret weapon? Exposure to just 10 …

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US suspends Brazilian beef imports amid health concerns


The US has banned all imports of fresh beef from Brazil because of concerns about the safety of the products intended for the American market.  The suspension of shipments will remain in place until the Brazilian government takes action which the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) finds satisfactory. In March several …

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Eating fish twice a week may ease arthritis symptoms – Research

Research has shown that eating fish may reduce arthritis symptoms. Arthritis is a term used in describing any disorder that affects the joints. People of all ages, races and sexes can have it. The recent study found that individuals with rheumatoid arthritis who consumed fish twice weekly had lower disease …

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10 Natural Remedies That Defeat Strep Throat

The bacteria streptococcus pyogenes or a group A streptococcus causes strep throat which is manifested by sores and swellings that can trigger great discomfort and pain. This bacterial infection needs to be treated as it can lead to rheumatic fever andc inflammation. It is extremely contagious, and because of that …

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9 Natural remedies for Enlarged Prostate – Shrink the Prostate in a painless way

People over 50 usually experience different problems with their prostate. The prostate gland actually is big as chestnut and it is found at the base of the bladder. People experience different types of conditions with their prostate, but the main condition is hypertrophy or enlargement which often leads to inflammation …

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Forget drugs – these scientists want to treat heart disease with algae


Photosynthesis isn’t just for plants. Stanford researchers want to use it to save lives, too. You are probably most familiar with photosynthesis as that thing you learned about in junior high school that explains how plants convert light energy into chemical energy in order to live. Over the years, there …

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