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Thyroid-Boosting Juice Anyone With Inflammation or Hormone Imbalance Should Drink Once per Week

The thyroid gland is perhaps the most important gland in the body which provides proper function of the entire body. Physically is similar to the shape of a butterfly located at the front base of your neck. This gland regulates the metabolism and it takes vital role in the following …

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Lovers of Pumpkin! Here are 10 Pumpkin Recipes and How

What is it about changing leaves and blustery days that makes you crave pumpkin? It’s more than just a seasonal food—it’s one of those quintessential tastes of fall—like apples and mulling spices—that just feels right on a chilly day. Check out some favorite fall pumpkin recipes, and feel free to share …

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Woman was hospitalised after her husband punched her in the ribs and slammed her head against a wall in front of her terrified children

A young mother has told how her ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ childhood sweetheart used her as a ‘human punchbag’ in front of her terrified children. Sam Barnett, 26, from Woking, Surrey, was reeled in by ‘artful manipulator’ Danny Barnett when she was juts 17 and told how he quickly resorted to violence after …

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Is It Bad to Cross Your Legs? 4 Claims Examined

Most of us have heard that crossing your legs at the knees when you sit in a chair is bad for you. Regardless of this claim, it’s estimated that almost half (45 percent) of  women and 21 percent of men still cross their legs most or nearly all of the time. Are …

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3 Natural Bleach Alternatives and How to Use Them

Being a huge fan of clean, white linens – towels, sheets, you name it! is the best thing that can ever happen to you. But keeping them bright white is an entirely different story. Of a Truth, bleach is actually pretty toxic stuff, and the health risks associated with using it are …

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Benefits of drinking Cucumber water daily! Here’s what you need to know

Cucumber water is extremely beneficial for your overall health. Cucumber is packed with vitamin C and it contains powerful antioxidants. Also this vegetable doesn’t contain any fat, and you already know that water is also extremely beneficial. Here is how to prepare this remedy: Ingredients: Cucumber – ½ Water – …

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