Saturday , September 23 2017
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Jesus In Egypt – Laugh Out Loud Africa


Here is one hilarious picture that tears you up everytime you see it online. View and share with your friends.

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Serious Drama as Lady Strips Another Woman During Public Fight In Front Of School Students. Photos

This is really funny. Two ladies decided to slug it out with each other publicly in front of secondary school students. The young ladies who engaged each other in a fight – did so after a heated argument, according to a trending footage posted online. One of the ladies decided …

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Man Dies After Jumping Out Window, Thought Red Bull Energy Drink Would Give Him Wings

A 23-year-old man, Jacob Andrews, was killed yesterday after he jumped out of the window of his 6th floor apartment in Carlson, Idaho. According to friends, Andrews had drank an entire case of the energy drink Red Bull, and mistakenly thought that the beverage would give him actual, literal wings. …

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No Chills – Laugh Out Loud Africa

lol Africa

We do not own this but we own the rights to Laugh

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Barbie’s iconic boyfriend is now available in 3 body types – slim, broad and original and 7 different skin tones


Barbie underwent a massive makeover in 2016, but this year is Ken’s time to shine. On Tuesday, Mattel (MAT) unveiled a collection of diverse Ken dolls. Barbie’s iconic boyfriend is now available in three body types — slim, broad and original — and seven different skin tones.   You can …

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Ramadan TV pranks go to extremes in ratings battle


From shipwrecks to terror attacks to an air disaster involving Paris Hilton, it seems that almost nothing is off-limits for the prank shows that have become a staple of North African TV during the Islamic fasting month of Ramadan. A recent programme in Algeria earned fierce criticism for fooling a …

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