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5 Ways To Wash Pesticides Off Fruits & Veggies & Why You Should


Unless you’re buying exclusively organic fruit and vegetables (and here’s why we should all be striving to), thoroughly washing the produce you buy is pretty important. Swedish researchers recently proved that insecticides, fungicides and plant growth regulators can build up in the bodies of children and adults. Yet just a …

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This tumeric lentil soup will protect you from type 2 diabetes, dementia and cancer

Winter can be so magical with the snow falling, and expecting Christmas with all its beauties, but it is also the season of colds and flus and decreased immunity. However, this should not stop us to enjoy our holidays, and the precious time with our loved ones as we have …

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10 Reasons You Should Start Cooking with a Pressure Cooker


Slow cooker vs pressure cooker We know that nothing can replace your slow cooker, but don’t forget about pressure cookers. Embracing the wonder of faster, pressurized cooking might just be the secret to your best meals yet. While a slow cooker may be great at cooking that casserole while you’re …

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Togo diversifying to soybeans and Zimbabwe introduces new food tax

Togo diversifying to soybeans There is a need to speed up the production of soybeans in Togo as demand has risen to 312 million tons in 2016 from 17million tons. Scientific methods are now been considered to help boost growth in order to meet the rising demand. Zimbabwe was famously …

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5 Foods That Are Good For Your Liver


Garlic According to the Huffington Post, garlic helps your liver to activate enzymes that can flush out toxins. In addition, it also has high levels of the natural compounds allicin and selenium, which aid in liver cleansing. For example, allicin has antioxidant, antibiotic, and antifungal qualities, while selenium increases the …

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Nutritional Facts about Berries.

Naturally nutritious, colorful and sweet, especially during the summer season. Berries are as ripe with disease-fighting antioxidants as they are with flavor. However, each type of berry packs a distinct flavor, as well as health benefit, so before you pick up your next pint at the local market, you may …

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