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Rob Lowe debuts as KFC’s new Colonel Sanders


Rob Lowe is about to get finger-lickin’ good. The actor, who recently announced his own unsolved mysteries show on A&E, becomes the latest to step into KFC’s Colonel Sanders’ white suit. Lowe joins the likes of Vincent Kartheiser, Darrell Hammond, Jim Gaffigan, and Norm Macdonald in portraying the KFC founder. …

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Why you should eat chia seed everyday and how to use it

Ancient Aztecs used chia seeds as medicine and as a part of religious ceremonies. So, if you have not heard about chia seeds up to now and have wondered where they come from, they have already existed for centuries and were used for many health purposes. This seed is an …

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15 Foods with Almost No Calories and a Ton of Nutrients

Nowadays we are well informed of which nutrients are essential for our health, for instance we need more magnesium, iron, antioxidants, but we cannot constantly eat especially not in large quantities so that we acquire the necessary nutrients. Also we have to be aware of the intake of the calories …

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12 Things That Happen To Your Body When You Eat Eggs

Eggs are very important for your body as they offer many nutrients valuable for the overall health of the body; this is confirmed by numerous nutritionists. Therefore, include more eggs to your menu. They are packed with nutrients, and most of them are not included in the Standard American diet. …

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This is what happens to your body when you eat pork. Reasons and why you should avoid it

Consuming pork nowadays has become great threat to our body as pigs eat everything from spoiled food to feces and urine. Aside the fact that they consume quite a bunch of disgusting stuff, their body is not designed for cleansing toxins, all their toxins remain in the body accumulated in …

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Fruits are good but a wrong mixture is bad. 7 fruits you should never mix

It is very important to consume fruits and vegetables for your overall health, but mixing some fruits and vegetables, or eating them at the same time might cause some troubles. Those foods are: Oranges and carrots – this is a popular combo, but it can cause heartburn and excess bile …

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