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Foods that will have your Vagina thanking You!

Women struggle with Vaginal health at some point in their life and statistics show that at least 75% of women get at least one yeast infection during their lifetime. It is important to note that what we eat also has an effect on the vagina and vaginal health therefore, the …

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Cleverness not just in the gene, Foods also helps and harm your brain.

Based on the kind of society we live in, we are used to the idea that we feed our bodies, and that our diet shapes our waistlines. But many of us forget that the same diet also feeds our brains, and that the food we give our brains shapes our …

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Argentina:Thirsty girl licks water from dirty PUDDLE on hands and knees in heartbreaking picture shocking the world.

A heartbreaking picture of a poverty-stricken girl on her hands and knees drinking from a PUDDLE is shocking people across the globe. The girl – who looks around three or four years old – from the indigenous Mbya Guarani community in Argentina, was seen quenching her thirst during a heatwave …

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Christmas Eats Easy one-pot beef & couscous

Couscous is basically tiny beads of semolina mixed with flour and the grains are usually really light and fluffy meaning you will have more space in your tummy for an extra plate. Who else is tired of the rice for Christmas Lunch tradition? Here is a fast and easy “not rice” recipe …

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14 Vegetarian foods that contains more Iron than Meat

Vegetarians and vegans are often worried about the amount of iron they consume. The National Institute of Health suggests that each grown-up person needs to consume between 8-27mg of iron per day. It is very important that pregnant women also consume this mineral in order to have healthy baby. Meat …

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See what eating late at night could do to your body

It’s time to kick the habit of late night snacking after new research suggests it could lead to a potentially deadly condition. Eating late at night increases your risk of heart disease and diabetes because it raises levels of harmful blood fats. Shift work, in particular, is triggering the illnesses …

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