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Health benefits of Pomegranate

In order to have healthy cardiovascular system you should always enhance the ingredients from your garden or kitchen. You should always try to avoid conventional drugs and instead use some alternative natural ingredients. Pomegranate is amazing fruit that will help you prevent coronary artery disease. Also it contains numerous health …

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How a Pineapple can Relieve you from Cough faster than a Cough Syrup

The pineapple is extremely tasty fruit which offers plenty of health benefits. It contains a powerful enzyme known as bromelain which is beneficial in reducing inflammation in the body. This enzyme also acts as an anticoagulant which assists in the process of digestion and as well as in improving the …

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US suspends Brazilian beef imports amid health concerns


The US has banned all imports of fresh beef from Brazil because of concerns about the safety of the products intended for the American market.  The suspension of shipments will remain in place until the Brazilian government takes action which the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) finds satisfactory. In March several …

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Eating fish twice a week may ease arthritis symptoms – Research

Research has shown that eating fish may reduce arthritis symptoms. Arthritis is a term used in describing any disorder that affects the joints. People of all ages, races and sexes can have it. The recent study found that individuals with rheumatoid arthritis who consumed fish twice weekly had lower disease …

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Natural Ingredients that regenerate bones, improve vision and memory

Nature has offered us many foods which are incredibly beneficial for our bodies due to their amazing properties and because of that they are also known as “super foods”. These super foods can treat numerous ailments and diseases due to their remarkable qualities. The here below foods will enhance your …

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These supposedly healthy foods are actually loaded with sugar


Thought you knew exactly what was good for you and not? Think again. Here are the seemingly healthy foods which actually aren’t all that healthy… Granola This breakfast cereal seems so helpful, what with all its oats, nuts and dried fruit but one bowl can easily have more than 500 …

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