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Futuristic Dubai dreams of hyperloop transit tubes


DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — A network of tubes whisking passengers across a country at close to the speed of sound may seem like a sci-fi pipe dream, but in the already futuristic city of Dubai it would fit right in. The city-state just hosted a two-day competition for …

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You’re Not an Adult Until You Own These 6 Types of Underwear


It’s time you corrected all your common panty-wearing mistakes and really used underwear to your advantage. The skivvies you choose to wear effects your daily and professional life so much more than you know (it’s been proven, you guys). There are six styles in particular—thongs, g-strings, French-cut, boyshorts, bikini and briefs—your drawers …

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5 New Nail Art Ideas to Try


Scalloped Cuticle Art Cuticle art is nothing new, but add those charming scalloped edges and you’ve got yourself one ladylike look. Floating Spots Also know as, the easiest DIY mani ever. In no particular order or pattern, drop a few dots of polish onto the corners of each nail bed. …

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