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Ivory Coast: African art museum gets new lease of life

It has been buffeted by the pendulum swing of domestic politics and suffered looting that left it without some of its most precious items. But Ivory Coast’s Museum of Civilisations is now back, and determined to recover its place as one of the richest museums of African art in the …

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Why we can’t return African artworks – museum

The National Museum of African Art (Smithsonian museum) has explained why it cannot return the original works of art from African countries back to their places of origin, amidst calls for their repatriation. The Director Emerita of the museum, Dr. Johnnetta Cole, stated  that the documentation of original artifacts from …

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Top Languages Spoken Across Africa

The African continent is one of the most linguistically diverse continents in the world. The continent is home to more than one billion people who speak more than 2000 languages. Some research studies indicate that there are about 3000 languages spoken across the African continent. Nigeria, the most populous country …

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Nobody’s happy with this new mural of Michelle Obama


A new mural of former first lady Michelle Obama, painted on a building in the Chicago neighborhood where she lived as a child and remains popular, would seem like an innocuous project. But the mural, by Chicago artist Chris Devins, has sparked intense debate — and not for the usual …

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Want a modern pool for your modern home? You may want to check out Modpool


Installing a pool has historically been a hassle for homeowners, as well as a money suck. Not so with Modpool, a new shipping container-based solution. If we can turn them into homes, then surely we can turn shipping containers into one of our homes’ greatest accessories — pools. One company is …

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You can buy the Galaxy S8 in 24-karat gold, platinum, and 18-karat rose gold


Most people probably won’t see value in this but if you truly want the best of the best and happen to be rich, this is one way to flaunt your spending habits. The Samsung Galaxy S8 is a pretty luxurious phone, but U.K.-based company Truly Exquisite is taking things to …

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