Tuesday , December 12 2017
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I love singing and dancing when i ain't online searching for news meant for you.

China:Babysitter caught repeatedly punching child in lift just moments after waving goodbye to mum.

A babysitter was caught on camera repeatedly punching a child in a lift- just moments after waving goodbye to its mum. The tot appeared reluctant to leave its mother and the sickening video of the abuse seems to provide an explanation as to why. The shocking attack begins immediately after …

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1. Respect the buyer; Greet the buyer before u sit. 2. Don’t be boring, tell more stories but don’t talk more than the buyer. 3. Always help the buyer with carrying beers from the counter. 4. Dance to any music that the buyer likes. 5. Buyer’s jokes are always funny …

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Woman who had sex with 15 ghosts believes she WILL get pregnant with a spirit’s baby.

Phillip Schofield told a woman who claims she has sex with ghosts that she’ll have a “reputation” in the spirit world. Amethyst Realm appeared today to talk about the fact that she left her fiancé after he caught her having an affair with a spirit. And she also claims that she …

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Heartbreaking pictures show devastating transformation of mum-of-five who died after being ravaged by pancreatic cancer.

Just three years ago,  Jeannette Nutley didn’t have a care in the world as she posed for a holiday snap while on a trip with her partner, Graham. But when the mum-of-five started to suffer with severe stomach pains just months after the photograph was taken, her health began to deteriorate …

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Young mum whose baby wasn’t breathing, was told to sit down and ”Wait for their turn” by hospital A&E receptionist,

A young mum whose baby wasn’t breathing was told to sit down and ‘wait her turn’ after she rushed her little boy into A&E. Daveanah Cowie slammed Derby Royal Hospital as “irresponsible” after a receptionist failed to notice how seriously ill seven-week-old Tommy-Lee really was. Daveanah said she ignored the request …

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Adult movie star August Ames found dead aged 23 just days after sparking backlash on social media.

Adult movie star August Ames has died aged 23, her husband has confirmed. August, who was born in Canada, passed away in Camarillo, California, on Tuesday morning, according to US reports. Her devastated husband Kevin Moore said: “She was the kindest person I ever knew and she meant the world …

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