Friday , March 23 2018
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Shocking the brain with electricity can prompt people to remember old dreams


It’s a weird observation that people with epilepsy can occasionally remember old dreams during seizures. Scientists at France’s Toulouse University Hospital have now discovered that this same effect can be recreated by stimulating a particular part of the brain using electricity. “Sudden and unexpected reminiscences of memories have been described …

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A pioneering stem cell treatment restores eyesight in nearly blind patients


A pair of patients with severe vision loss have had their sight restored, courtesy of a pioneering trial using stem cells to regrow crucial tissues in the eye. The first-of-its-kind procedure was carried out on a man in his 80s and woman in her 60s, conducted at the U.K.’s Moorfields …

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Living With Anxiety by Shelby Nixon


By Shelby Nixon of How many people here suffer severe anxiety? I sure do, and believe me, it is one hell of a ride. To me, anxiety is like a rollercoaster, when you wake up in the morning it’s like climbing that steep hill and throughout the day it …

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Chinese police are using facial-recognition tech to catch criminals


Police in Beijing are reportedly testing out new smart glasses enabled with license plate and facial-recognition technology. The smart tech, which is being used at a highway checkpoint on the outskirts of the city, can not only identify individuals who are stopped but also match them with a police database of …

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Game of Thrones’ prequels will have bigger budgets than original series


With HBO’s hit series Game of Thrones concluding its epic run in 2019, fans are understandably eager to find out what else the network has planned for the fantasy world adapted from George R.R. Martin’s acclaimed novels. Fortunately, we have some ideas about what we can expect to see — which could …

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China’s giant 200-foot chimney sucks in pollution, spews out clean air


China has a pretty severe pollution problem, with smog in some parts of the country so bad that it can discolor buildings and even blot out the sun. According to some estimates, high levels of air pollution in China’s cities cause up to 350,000 to 400,000 premature deaths each year. …

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