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9 Big Mistakes Every Woman Must Avoid During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is the most sensitive time in a woman’s life. She need to take care of her in this period. Long working hours, fast-food and un-hygienic diet is not only bad for woman, but also their baby. We have here compiled some of the common but big mistakes that are committed by pregnant woman, and must be avoided for their sound pregnancy and also for their baby to be healthy.

1. Long gaps between meals

Pregnant woman should not skip their meals. They should take meals about three to five times a day, The diet should be rich in proteins like eggs, and crude vegetables for proper growth of their fetus.

2. Snacking senselessly

Yes, we do agree that almost all woman are fond of fast foods like burger, pizza, street food etc. But hey, you have to maintain patience for 9 months, as now you are also eating for your upcoming baby. Just straight avoid to the junk foods as much as possible.

3. Intake of caffeine

Caffeine is very well known of increasing the risk of miscarriage or causing low birth weight in baby. So, just try to relish more of decaffeinated coffee and tea, fruit juices and fruit tea.

4. Insufficient intake of water

During pregnancy, inadequate intake of drinking water may cause serious complications. Doctors suggest stringly that pregnant women should increase their total water intake by an additional 700 ml/day during breastfeeding and 300 ml/day during amid pregnancy .

5. Lack of sleep

You should keep a check if you are taking proper sleep or not. Doctors suggest that a sleep of 10-11 hours is must for pregnant woman.

6. Physically inactive

In your busy life, you may not get time for working out, but sauntering around your daily work area may cause blood clusters, varicose veins and also inflammation in legs. Avoid all strenuous activities or any heavy weight lifting, just basic activities and yoga can prove quiet beneficial during your pregnancy.

7. Exposure to passive smoking

Do you know that passive smoking is as much harmful as real smoking? so, just avoid going to any smoking area nearby. Latent smoking can lead to serious problems like failed labour, low weight birth, premature birth and unexpected new-born child demise.

8. Liquor

Just straight NO to liqor during pregnancy. Even a little amount of it cause fetal liquor disorder, and might prompt hindrance in cerebral growth or other birth abnormalities.

9. Wearing seat belt in wrong way

Pregnancy is the most special time for women. Expectant working moms should take precautions while driving and they should never avoid wearing the seat belt. Most significantly, they should wear seat belt in just the right manner, which means the seat belt has to be positioned differently as incorrect use of it can definitely hurt baby in case any unexpected accident happens. The correct way to wear it is to take belt under the baby bump &  not across the middle. The belt should pass just flat across the thighs & tight up against your hip bone with belt between your chest.

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