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Cambridge student kept asking “is this real?” moments before plunging to death after taking legal high.

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A Cambridge University student who died after falling down a stairwell after taking a LSD-type ‘legal high’ kept asking “is this real” an hour before he plunged to his death, an inquest heard.

Thomas Millward, 19, orignally from Cheltenham, died from “traumatic” brain injuries after being airlifted to hospital from 148-year-old Girton College.

The engineering student’s close friend Tessa Duff told a jury today that he and his girlfriend Daniella Mieloszyk, 21, were in her room for around an hour before he was found at the bottom of the stairwell on March 5 2016.

The second day of the inquest at Huntingdon in Cambridgeshire, heard how traces of an LSD-type substance were found in his body before he was declared brain dead at Addenbrooke’s Hospital at 11am following morning.

Ms Duff described how Ms Mieloszyk and Mr Millward had taken the now-banned ‘legal high’ 1p-LSD at around 3pm and stayed in her room for up to an hour.

She then escorted the pair to Mr Millward’s room after 6pm but about an hour later he was found unresponsive and naked by a vending machine with his clothes in a pile on the second floor.

She added: “If I tried to engage with them they would partly respond and they would look at me and look at each other and say, ‘This is so strange’.”

When she asked Mr Millward for a pen so she could write them a note before leaving them in his room, she said: “Every time I asked him he would look at me and look at Dani and ask, ‘Is this real?’.

Jurors heard how Mr Millward was known to slide down the banisters of the stairwell and jump onto a vending machine on the ground floor and that a bare footprint was shown to jurors from on top of the machine.

Also during the inquest, Maisa Millward, Thomas’s mother, asked Ms Duff: “Do you think it was possible that he was acting on a dare to do a streak?”

Ms Duff said the rooms in corridors coming off the stairwell overheated and added: “I honestly don’t know what happened… I always assumed it had been to do with that – that he just got hot.”

Toxicologist Dr Susan Patterson told the inquest two serums of blood and a hair sample which was taken at the hospital showed Thomas had an LSD-type substance in his system when he fell.

Hair samples showed traces of ecstasy as well.

Describing the effects of 1p LSD, she said: “It really does deceive sensory perception but it can also cause delusions and you can become detached from yourself… It’s possible that you can think you can actually fly, I think that was what was recorded with this drug.”

Yesterday, the inquest heard how Ms Mieloszyk had obtained the drug through a friend She was later arrested on suspicion of possession of drugs with intent to supply but was released without charge

In her evidence, she broke down in tears and told the inquest that the couple made a joint decision to test the legal high thinking it would be a “fun and positive shared experience”.

The Human, Social and Political Sciences student, who is returning to the University in the next academic year, said she last saw her boyfriend alive as they were trying to sleep in his room adjacent to first landing on the stairs.

She told the jury how, some time later, she felt as though she had woken up and said: “As soon as I opened the door I saw another student called Hamish and I saw Thomas lying next to him.

“I thought it was like a dream, I just kept saying ‘we took drugs’ as if we could realise it’s not real. I just kept thinking Tom would walking down the stairs like ‘here I am’.”

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