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Thoughts by a Swampmerchant: “Battlefield Mindasia”

(9:10pm) when men suddenly become displaced from the city of their comfort and thrown into the dry wilderness of wanton uncertainties, discovery of the rarest treasure is eminent. Self-discovery materialises. Discovery that distinguishes men from men. Discovery that stirs up dormant and fallow abilities.

Self is formed and moulded by experiences, family, innate propelling values and belief systems but most importantly is the phenomenon of “environment”. My terse rendition of this statement goes thus “We’re never so far away from where we’re coming from”. A few minutes with a man will not only tell you where he’s coming from but how long it’s taken for him to get to his present location. Having bored and yet impressed myself with the sociology and psychology of the situation that held the mind in thrall at this unholy hour, the mind proceeds unaided to forge the deep waters of reality.

It’s been a week I will never forget the breadth and length of my life. I have courted, tickled and even held trouble’s garment in the rashest of manners. At work, home and in my personal life. Trouble did respond but not in the way I had anticipated. Having allowed myself to become inextricably woven in a matrix of lies and plots, scars were not far off. True, they were only scars but the type that hurt because morals and pride were barbecued on the misguided grill of corporate ethics and flogged with the whip of friendly chastisement. Some hurts are better off kept under lock and key in a dragon manned cave because fresh wounds occur with each time the mind attempts to touch it. These happenings have led to verdicts that were a bit too uncalled for but hey! On the highway to freedom, a man shouldn’t really allow some certain things bother him I guess. From a stressed out Monday to a Wednesday of pain I did get to Friday and God knows it does feel good. Some rest would perfect the healing process for me but most importantly to the mind. Where most of the warfare took place…Some lessons taught from childhood do come in handy when these times come upon us. Thank God for respect of authority, restraint, Impartation of goodly manners and background, an entire office block would have seen a deluge of bodies raining down from the fourth floor window.

…Morals as usual were tested, pride was burnt a little, the heart was cut in half but here you are, going home yet again. It’s only a path to a place I tell myself. One unsteady step at a time but destiny draws closer than ever. (Picks up bag)… This mind’s threshold for resistance has been raised yet another notch higher and a whole new perspective to understanding the dynamics of the human mind has been achieved. (11:42pm) The Mind,that wasteland where MOST of our important battles are fought on a daily. We will never see more than we can bear (Amen). where there’s a will, there’s always more than one way out. (Smiles) Battlefield Mindasia… (Lights out)…

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