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Man Sues Sony After His Mobile Phone “Exploded” In His Hands

A man is suing Sony for £10,000 after he was horrifically burned when his mobile phone “exploded” in his hands. Tom Collins, 36, suffered third degree burns when his Sony Xperia Z2 burst into a “fireball” as he texted his girlfriend. The financial adviser was rushed to hospital after the skin was stripped from all five fingers on his right hand.

The excruciating three-month recovery has seen him lose his job and girlfriend.

Mr Collins, from Bedford, said: “It was the worst part of my life, it was a terrible time, it was awful, especially being on my own.

“I was in a hospital waiting room waiting for my burns to get dressed and there’s a young girl sitting there with a phone and I’m thinking ‘you don’t realise the danger’.

“I’m surprised that no one’s been killed, it just doesn’t bear thinking about.”

The explosion happened on May 24 as Mr Collins sent his girlfriend a text on Facebook Messenger.

Mr Collins said he lost his temp job and his partner in Birmingham broke up with him during his three-month recovery at home.

He was forced to keep his hands out of sunlight and said he lost sensation in his right index finger and thumb from his injuries.

He decided to make a claim for compensation with personal injury law firm Express Solicitors after only receiving “generic responses ” from Sony.

“Only when I contacted a solicitor did Sony take notice and then they kept calling and emailing me – trying to get me to send my phone back,” he said. “The irony is that they kept leaving voicemail messages on my mobile which, of course, I couldn’t use!

“They’ve also had the cheek to tell me the engineer’s report said the water line mark had been activated – obviously it had been because I poured water all over it to stop my house from setting on fire. “Unbelievably, I only bought the phone in the first place because it was advertised as the first smart phone in the world to be waterproof.”

A spokesman for Express Solicitors said Sony was denying liability because the damaged phone still worked with another battery.

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