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Fit @ Five: 5 Best Fruits And Veggies For Weight Loss

Welcome to today’s episode of Fit @ 5!

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While it may seem like skipping a meal would help you lose weight, it turns out that the opposite is true. Today we will be looking at the 5 best fruits and veggies for weight loss and and how to conveniently slide them into your diet plan and belly fat blasting routine. 

5. APPLESSugar, per medium fruit: 19 g

                     Fiber, per medium fruit: 4.4 g


Apples are one of the very best fruit sources of fiber, which is key to blasting belly fat. Throw an apple in your bag along with a nutrition bar and a low-sugar yogurt for a simple, nutrient-filled breakfast on the go.

4. BANANAS: Sugar, per fruit: 14 g
                         Fiber, per fruit: 3 g


Not only are bananas superstars when it comes to potassium, but they also provide filling fiber and water. Tossing slices of the yellow fruit into unsweetened oatmeal. Smearing slices with some nut butter is another fat-fighting combination worth trying.

3. GRAPEFRUIT: Sugar, per 1⁄2 cup: 8 g
                              Fiber, per 1⁄2 cup: 1 g


Think of grapefruit (one of the best fruits for fat loss) as your breakfast appetizer. Even if you changed nothing else about your diet, eating half a grapefruit before each meal may help you lose up to a pound a week. Researchers found that when obese people ate half a grapefruit before each meal, they dropped an average of 3.5 pounds over 12 weeks. How does it work? The tangy fruit helps lower insulin, a fat-storage hormone. It’s also 90 percent water, so it fills you up so you eat less.

2. BERRIES: Sugar, per 1⁄2 cup: 3–7 g
                      Fiber, per 1⁄2 cup: 2–4 g


Berries are one the best fruits for breakfast, hands down. Not only are they rich in heart-healthy antioxidants, they also provide a generous amount of satiating fiber and vitamins C and K. Berries are also packed with polyphenols, naturally occurring chemicals that aid weight loss and stop fat from forming. Add them to cereal, oatmeal, weightloss smoothies and shakes, mash them onto peanut butter toast, or nosh on them plain.

1. SWEET POTATOES: Sugar, per 1⁄2 cup: 7 g
                                        Fiber, per 1⁄2 cup: 2 g


The vibrant tubers are called superfoods for good reason: They’re packed with nutrients and can help you burn fat. Sweet potatoes are high in fiber and have a low glycemic index, which means they’re absorbed slowly and keep you feeling full longer. A Fit @ 5 fan likes to use them to whip up a sweet potato hash. “I love any variation of this dish because it provides rich vitamins, minerals, and fiber from all the veggies. It is very filling, which helps keep appetite and portions under control as the day goes on,” she says.

Which of these would you love to add to your meal plan? Do let us know here https://goo.gl/ftE7HA

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