Monday , September 25 2017
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We are daily flooded with requests from our online family especially from Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya asking heartfelt questions and requesting for help across a lot of topics. In August 2016, we got a message from an individual asking us how to help her stop using drugs because she was contemplating suicide and shortly afterwards we received a message from a man complaining that his life had taken an uneventful turn and was leading him to misery. We directed both to experts who assisted them professionally to get their lives back.

The most prevalent questions we would get are from readers asking us if we could confirm the authenticity of some news they had heard in their countries, tell them how to figure out what was wrong with their cars and lots more. We combined ALL the requests received over a four year period and created seven specific categories that could help people with issues privately, offering them support from professionals and specialists on standby depending on their category of choice. we partnered with Africa’s largest operator to bring you a solution to this. We have designed an interactive platform that allows you ask questions across any of the following categories. Let’s get Africa healthy , Strong and innovative.

These are the categories we have the most questions on:

A) Addictions – “Help. I am addicted to drugs, pornography and work”. We provide you with an opportunity to talk with someone who cares enough to guide you on your journey to freedom from addictions to gambling, drugs, lying, abuse, sex, pornography etc

B) News Confirmation – “I heard some report and I wanted to know if it was True or all Lies”.

C) Daily Walk With God- “I want to have an enriching relationship with God, how do I go about it?” We give daily bible verses and draw deep insights from the word of God to start your day right.

D) Auto Care- “How do I keep my car in perfect condition and what to do when an issue arises” Get immediate answers from an expert giving you almost accurate answers.

E) Word on Marble- “I just don’t want to get out of bed today” . Daily we infuse your mind with accurate doses of power words from which you can draw energy and motivation to face the day head on.

F) Life of Fun- “What can i do to improve my life, i’m tired of this round the clock lifestyle because i don’t have a life”. Have you ever thought about trying something new? Life is fun and must be lived positively but with moderation. Get daily lifestyle tips that will improve your quality of life and relationships

G) Did You Know- Intelligence thy say is knowing a bit of everything. With this you can learn about amazing facts from all aspects of life and increase your knowledge daily.

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