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CCTV Footage: Woman Uses Her Children to Steal From Shops

This CCTV footage of a woman who uses her kids to steal from shops in a West African country . This type of behaviour must be curbed and properly handled.

This terrible video emerged online about 4-months ago of an Abuja-based woman who uses her children to steal from supermarkets. According to a Facebook user, Don Collins, who posted the video online, the woman and about seven of her children were seen entering the supermarket one after the other, pretending that they were looking for certain items which the store owner may not have. The woman and her children besieged the supermarket with her children. The footage captured the youngsters picking up items in the market after going round the store, and moving out of the place while others deliberately obstructed the view of the attendant inside the supermarket.

While she was distracting the storekeeper, the children were busy taking items from the shop. One after the other, the siblings left and the mother, who left after them all, ended up not purchasing anything, telling the storekeeper that she could not find the item she was looking for.

Let our nations of Africa unite and heal this canker worm of avarice that has taken over our politicians and law makers thereby neglecting the average man on the streets. When citizens can no longer see rays of hope they descend to an almost bestial state and thats when we see things like this happen.

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