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Man with disabilities falls from rollercoaster in freak accident

A man with disabilities fell from a large rollercoaster before being rushed to hospital.

The 36-year-old was filmed at the theme park falling 10 metres from the Krater attraction.

Occurring at midday Laureano de Jesus Ospina was meant to be enjoying a day out at the National Coffee Park in the city of Montenegro in Colombia.

The man was rushed to La Sagrada Familia hospital immediately and is said to be in a ‘critical condition’.

A video recorded by a witness shows how the man drops from the roller coaster as it nears the bottom of one of its near-vertical plummets.

The theme park in Quindio province is said to be a celebration of the role coffee has played in the nation’s history.

Jhon Faber Giraldo Giraldo, community manager of the theme park, said ‘Mr Laureano is stable and we know that he never lost conscious and that he is in the hands of the specialists of the Holy Family.’

He added  ‘It was not a mechanical failure or failure of operation, because we are operating with the protocol that says the manufacturer of the attraction.’

The park reportedly provided immediate care to the man before an ambulance arrived.

However, the Colombian website said that Giraldo has pledged an investigation of the incident.

Krater was opened in February 2015 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the park.

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