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Top 10 Secrets That Your Mom Will Never Tell You

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Everyone has secrets of their own, but the bond women share in motherhood unites them, giving them these 10 common secrets.

They’re not exactly the most scandalous nor do they contain particularly gossip worthy content, but they are things that a mother will never, ever tell her child. So, what is it that your mom wants you to know about her, but will never dare to explicitly tell you?

Who knows, maybe one day you or your partner will be able to share these secrets, sorrows, and joys that come with being a mother, too.

10. She carried you after even the 9 months

Yes, she literally carried you inside of her for 9 long, grueling months. You’ve heard it all before. But after you were born, she carried you too. You wanted to be physically near her, held by her, carried by her, and of course, she took care of you. She woke up in the middle of night, hearing your cries through the baby monitor to soothe and put you back to sleep.

She carried you even after the 9 months - 2

She couldn’t (or wouldn’t) leave you by yourself for many months after you were born, trying to ensure you didn’t hit your head on the table or get into other mischief. She held you until you dozed off, and sometimes she was so tired, she fell asleep with you.

9. She cried a lot because of you

Even right from the moment she saw the two lines on the pregnancy test to the moment you reared your head in the hospital bed and the nurse finally handed you to her, she cried countless times. Some believe that there is a special connection between a mother and her child. We can’t say there’s some telepathy going on necessarily, but mothers do feel our emotions on another level.

She cried a lot because of you - 2

She feels your joy and shares in your successes, and she is upset and sad when you are hurting. Sometimes you made her cry happy tears — the time when you wrote her a heart warming poem that your second grade teacher assigned to  the class, or on your wedding day when she truly realized how grown up you are.

8. She wanted that last piece

Remember that time there was one piece of lasagna left? Or that one piece of cake? She won’t tell you this, and will deny if you ask, but she wanted that last piece. But she saw the way you were looking at it, and forgot all about her growling stomach and put it onto your plate with a smile.

She needed that last piece 2

Little sacrifices like this, though seemingly insignificant only solidify the notion that mothers will put their child above anything or anyone, even herself.

7. She was hurt a lot by you

It hurt when you scratched her with those sharp, impossible to cut nails; it hurt when you yanked on her strands of hair or playfully hit her face. Sure, she smiled through the pain, but only because you were laughing and hardly knew any better.

She was hurt a lot by you - 2

Childbirth. She probably won’t stop telling the story of her gruesomely long labor, even twenty or thirty years after — and that’s for good reason.

6. She was never not afraid

From the moment she found out she was pregnant, fear kicked in. She knew of all the harsh realities of the world and wanted to keep you safe from every one of them. She was hesitant to let other people hold you, and she was worried that when you began to take your first steps, you would fall and hurt yourself.

She was never not afraid - 2

She was anxious while you were running around making discoveries in every part of your house, then eventually making discoveries out in the real world. She worried that she was not raising you the right way. While she believed in you wholeheartedly in all your pursuits, a little piece of her was constantly concerned about your well being, and she lived in an unsettling state of uncertainty.

5. She always wanted to watch you sleep

From your screams and cries at three in the morning, to your eight year old self wanting to stay up late to catch the TV show everyone at school was talking about, to the time you called her in the middle of the night from your college dorm room asking her for advice… She just wanted you to go to bed, and she wanted to watch you sleep.

She always wanted to watch you sleep - 2

She wanted to watch you sleep because she’d know exactly where you were, and know that you were safe and feeling at peace. She’d know you didn’t have anything on your mind: no stress, no anger, no sadness.

4. She always made you her first priority

To her, you were the whole world. Especially during the first few months of your life, she had to give you her full attention and always be present with you, both mentally and physically. She focused all her energy and time on you — not that she really minded, to be honest.

She always made you her first priority - 2

There were days that she skipped a meal, didn’t shower, or couldn’t catch up with her friends for brunch, because she didn’t have enough hours in the day or energy to do so. She made you a priority over and over, and if you ask her if she regrets it, we’re pretty sure she’d say something along the lines of, “I’d do it again in a heartbeat.”

3. She is not perfect and she knows it

A mother is her own worst critic. She blames herself even for the smallest mistakes. Despite reading countless parenting books while she was pregnant with you, talking to her friends and co-workers about their families, seeking professional advice, and trying to incorporate all of this, she never felt like she was doing anything right.

She is not perfect and she knows it - 2

Even though she wants to be the perfect mother for you, she is human and bound to make mistakes.

2. She was heartbroken every time she saw you cry

When tears welled up in your eyes and overflowed down your cheeks, it shattered her heart. Most of the time, she probably wanted to cry too. When she didn’t, it wasn’t because she wasn’t hurting; it was her trying to be strong enough for the both of you.

She was heartbroken every time she saw you cry - 2

Sometimes she held you, and rocked you until you fell asleep. Other times, she’d calm you down and give you advice that you didn’t really understand or remember the day after.

1. She would not hesitate even for a second when asked to do it all again for you

Even though you put her through agony and pain, when asked if you would do it again for her, she would not even hesitate for a moment. After reading this, the next time you see your mother, go up to her and give her a big hug and kiss and tell her that you love her. Send her a nice text message or give her a phone call and send her flowers, if you can’t be there for her in person.

She would not hesitate even for a second when asked to do it all again for you - 2

It does not necessarily have to be a second Sunday in May to celebrate your mother. Make every day as special as a Mother’s Day for your mother and show her that you acknowledge everything she has done for you and how your love for her is immeasurable.

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