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This Is What Will Happen If You Brush Your Teeth Very Fast

The result of brushing your teeth too much, can be damaging your teeth and gums. When this happens, you develop sensitive teeth and gums that recede. In order not to damage or lose our teeth, it is recommended to brush them at least 2 times a day. Dental floss should also be used in order to remove those small things which get stuck. If you brush your teeth in different ways, it can lead to different effects. Doing that too much and too fast can make your teeth condition worse.

Don’t think that brushing your teeth really hard is good. It will destroy your teeth and gums as well. In this way you can experience gum recession. See what you can do if you brush them too strongly. To ease the pressure that you put on your teeth you should use a toothbrush with an angled handle. Do not brush them the way you wash your car.

One man called Chris Valenti repeatedly brushed his teeth forcefully and this resulted in having him get 8 gum grafts and pay $1,700 in order to have mouth surgery.

This issue is common among people and it is called toothbrush abrasion. Brushing them too much can cause damage to your gums and teeth, resulting in sensitive teeth and receding gums. Those people who take too much care of their teeth are in a big trouble. 10-20% of people brush their teeth too much as they think too much about their oral care and use brushes with hard or medium bristles.

If you still brush your teeth too fast, then at lease go for soft brushes. Don’t be fooled by the commercials which say that medium or hard bristles are fine. These actually damage your gums and cause wear on the root portion of your teeth. Don’t go hard, but focus on brushing thoroughly. In order to remove the plaque you don’t need speed. It is easy to brush them properly, but if you are willing to follow the rules.

  • Use soft-bristled toothbrush;

  • Hold it at a 45o angle toward the gumline;

  • Don’t slide back and forth across your teeth when you brush, but apply short strokes instead of long slides;

  • Use scrubbing motions and apply a light amount of pressure when you brush your gums.

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